Thursday, 11 September 2014

Wishlist: My least favourite season

Autumn is a weird time of year. It's three months of that awkward in-between weather that causes clothing based conundrums for everyone involved. It officially marks the start of the period in time when us girls have to wake up and ask ourselves the same question - Is it a tights day? It's the start of coats that by mid-day will probably be hooked over an arm and not actually on and scarves that in the morning frost seem like the best idea going but end up making our bags bulge.

I'm not generally a pessimistic person but autumn is probably my least favourite fashion month. But hey, at least the dawn of a new season has given me the opportunity to lust over autumn pieces! Like that pink coat...

"Snuggle in coat" in pink - £40 // The Envy backpack - Grafea 
£180 // Faux gold septum ring - £10 La Moda UK // Riley grey ankle boot - £29.99 Public Desire // Flora Bra in Blanc - £26 // My favourite designer t-shirt - £12 Boohoo //  White peg leg trousers - £40 Topshop // Scarf - £14.99 New Look 

Stay strong my loves, it's nearly the weekend! 
Bethany Paige X

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  1. That pink coat and the bra are things of my dreeeammms so gorgeous xxx

    Blonde of carbs