Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Someone's touchy.

Just take a look at the Alexander McQueen A/W show and it will become rather apparent to you just how important texture is this season on the fashion scene. From the voluminous to the sleek, amazing fabrics and adornments were all over the catwalks. Everything goes, from feathers and metallic leather right through to some serious fringing.

Here’s my pick of texture this A/W:
Alexander McQueen:

The leader of the pack, Alexander McQueen, went all out with volume and texture to form a candy floss feel collection with ruffles, fur, feathers, pom poms and metallic silver belts.


Over at Givenchy the focus was on fringing and in heavier fabrics that showcased the darker side of this trend.


Valentino showed how glamorous sheer and floaty fabrics can be whilst adding glitz through the use of silver and black sequins.
Mandy coon:

Mandy Coon used slick leathers, thin silks and flesh revealing pieces to create an uber modern and sleek collection.

Giambattista Valli:

Much like Alexander McQueen ruffles were a popular choice at Giambattista Valli. They were given a more sophisticated, grown-up image in deeper colours and with thicker folds.

I hope you've all had a suitably spooky day my lovelies! For my Halloween post click here.

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We're making history

Happy Tuesday all! Today I woke up and decided to do something a little different, I created a timeline of fashion starting from the Georgian era and spanning right through to the modern day. I know that a lot of people won’t really understand why I’d enjoy doing something like this, but I adore fashion and am also really interested in history, so I for one love doing this sort of thing. After around 4 hours of work it spanned from one side of my living room to the other, about 7ft.

You'll have to excuse my sister's toys in the background!

 I decided to show you all some of my personal favourite pieces of fashion history:
Georgian dresses: The femininity of these dresses is undeniable. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and experience a day wearing the corsests and bustles of the period. Although I'm sure they wren't very comfortable they do look truely remarkable.
"The new look" - After World War 2 Christian Dior started one of the defining periods of fashion history. He created "The new look" in which old shillouhettes were abandonned and sleeker, extremely modern looking clothes were created. This style is often still considered what most people think of as the classic French look.
50s skirts - In the 50s paper and nylon petticoats became widely avaliable to the masses meaning that getting an hourglass figure became alot easier. I love the shillouhettes of this period and still aspire to own a 50s style skirt of my own.
80s Madonna: Everything about Madonna's look in the 80s was perfect in my opinion. The cross earrings, the messy hair, the layers of lace and the numerous chain necklaces, I love it all.

90s grunge: This is probably the one thing that I've mentioned on my blog most but I'm absolutely thrilled about the revival of 90s grunge at the moment. I'm a lover of over sized t-shirts, plaid shirts and rugged leather, which is why this trend is so amazing.
What's your favourite fashion era?
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Monday, 29 October 2012

Belt it out.

Running parallel to this season’s oversized trend is something that truly embraces the female form. Designers have been experimenting this season with the humble belt, and not just to hold up trousers and to go on top of dresses! The A/W belt can be seen layered over blazers, tunics, chunky knits, pencil skirts and even coats to cinch you in at the waist and give you enviable style credentials.

Softly structured curves created classic hourglass shapes in stark contrast to other highly geometric pieces seen on the runways, making belted up style one of the most feminine trends this season in terms of figure.Whether they’re thick and futuristic like Acne, heritage style with bow detailing a la Burberry Prorsum, or harness belts such as those at Hervé Léger, they all played huge parts in pulling together some of the most amazing shows of the A/W catwalks. 
Here’s a selection of my personal favourites:

Burberry Prorsum:



McQ A/W 2012, mcq, alexander mcqueen, sarah burton, london fashion week, marie claire, marie claire uk McQ A/W 2012, mcq, alexander mcqueen, sarah burton, london fashion week, marie claire, marie claire uk
 McQ A/W 2012, mcq, alexander mcqueen, sarah burton, london fashion week, marie claire, marie claire uk McQ A/W 2012, mcq, alexander mcqueen, sarah burton, london fashion week, marie claire, marie claire uk
Which trend do you prefer - oversized or belted up?
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Current obsessions.

It’s a sad fact that I’ll probably never be able to afford all of the clothes that I would love to have. Still, day by day my wish list grows and I can only hope that I’ll manage to secure a small percentage of the items into my wardrobe at some point in the future. It’s been a while since I’ve done a post purely dedicated to my current high street lusts so I thought I’d take this opportunity to dive right in and show you all a selection of them.


Silk Kimono - £45, domed sleeve coat - £175, Quilted sweater - £45, Pattern boots - £70


Metallic skirt - £75, Cross jumper (Freak of nature) - £45, loose embroidery shirt - £60, brocade Chelsea boots - £50

Urban outfitters:

 Neon satchel (Cambridge satchel company) - £110, Casio gold watch - £40, High low dress (sparkle and fade) - £42, Tartan skirt (vintage renewal) - £35

A girl can dream right?

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Oriental influences

Dakota Fanning in that Proenza Shouler dress is one of my personal favourite fashion moments of this year. Everything about her look was style perfection. The oriental print and kimono style, the autumnal tones, the silk fabric and the jagged hem. The long sleeves, the metallic clutch and don’t even get me started on those lace up black shoes. I could go on. For me, it solidified just how huge the oriental trend is going to be this Autumn and set the standard for those planning on wearing the trend.

Eastern influences were all over the A/W catwalks. Designers including Suno and Issa kept their pieces traditional with length and looser fits, whilst others such as Marni and Osman bought a modern twist to the trend and took a more experimental approach to shape. One thing that has to be perfect to get the Oriental trend right is of course print. Think: Mirrored florals and Chinese dragons on silk backgrounds with metallic touches. Patterns tended to be kept very feminine whilst any masculinity was added through structured shapes on the catwalks. In terms of colour opulence is key, with gold and burnt orange playing a huge role in the trend.
Here are my favourite takes on the modern oriental trend:



Proenza Shouler:

Are you ready to take a style trip to the East?
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