Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Another bargain beauty.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! Hope you’re all doing well. It’s rainy outside today, and it feels like the British summer may have come and gone all to soon. There’s only one positive to the fact that it’s starting to get a bit chilly, and that’s the fact that I recently bought the perfect jacket for the job. As usually is the case, I got it whilst out thrifting and fell in love. They say you can't buy love, but at £4.50 for this jacket, I'd have to disagree! It was a little too big though and so I had to make some basic alterations using a sewing machine.

 I’m wearing it for the first time today and feel like I’m in a designer label. I think it’s all in the cut, and that makes it feel really expensive. I’m wearing it with a white midi skirt, but for a more relaxed look I know it’ll work with shorts or jeans really well too. I love the over-sized fit it has and the fact that it has shoulder pads giving an even more exaggerated outline.The print is what caught my eye to start with. It’s a stand out piece and the busy pattern means that even with the more muted colours it still looks unique. Another bonus is its ability to be worn buttoned up or down, meaning that it should be perfect for when the weather gets even colder. I can see this beauty lasting me all the way through autumn and beyond.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Monday, 30 July 2012

Chiffon skirt and palazzo pants.

As I’m sure you can imagine, my favourite part of the summer holidays is being able to choose every single day what I’m going to wear. I hate the fact that I have to wear a uniform in term time, and although it’s not the worst I’ve seen, I’d much rather just be allowed to wear what I want to. So, with this privilege I tend to be extremely free with how I dress, and make an effort every day before school starts again far too quickly. Yesterday I went out with my friend Kelsie. We had such a lovely day and she looked gorgeous as usual. I thought I’d show you guys what we wore.

Moi –

I've wanted to wear my wedged high tops with this floaty chiffon skirt since they were first bought, after all it was Kate Bosworth who first sparked my interest in them. I love this white skirt, it goes with so much and I thought that the belt tied the gold in the high tops in with the rest of the outfit really well. On top I wore a simple black cami top and my self-bleached corduroy vest (see "A day of DIY"). I also wore my new moustache necklace which I'm obsessed with!
Skirt - Vintage, gift from Nan
Shoes- Primark
Cami - Topshop
Belt - Newlook
Vest - Homemade
Necklace - Accessorize

Kelsie –

This girl has style. I adore these palazzo pants and they work really well with the striped, oversized, t-shirt. The shoes she's wearing are one of her wardrobe staples and are super comfy, I know because I've borrowed them! Kelsie is also wearing a new pair of three silver ball earrings which finish the outfit really well. Oh-so French riviera.

Plaza pants - Charity shop
T-shirt - Unknown
Shoes - Newlook
Earrings - Newlook

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures, I don't have an expensive camera because all of my money goes on clothes haha.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hola ombré!

In yesterday’s post I mentioned about showing you guys the results of my most recent fashion DYI endeavours. I decided to have a wardrobe clear out last week and in the process managed to get a whole bunch of clothes together ready to go to my local charity shop. In amongst this was a navy blue dress which I’ve only had for a few weeks (it was given to me by a family member who didn’t want it). I liked the dress, especially the cut, but knew that the chances of me wearing it were small. It needed a rougher edge to be wearable on a daily basis for me. I decided that instead of getting rid of the dress I may as well have a go at some DYI on it and that way, if it didn’t work out, it didn’t matter. As now has become an addiction, I decided to bleach the hem of the dress for an ombré effect. I just filled a bucket with 3 parts bleach and 2 parts water and then dipped the dress in the bucket. You have to dip it in as far as you want the lightest shade to finish, then the bleach soaks up the fabric giving the ombré effect.



I didn’t expect the hem to go an almost olive green, I thought it’d be white, but I’m so happy with the result. Considering the cost of dip dyed clothes in shops like Urban Outfiters, I’ve saved myself a fair amount of money as well, always a bonus. I mean really, a huge bottle of Tesco value bleach is 29p, hardly bank breaking. It took pretty much no effort and now this dress is a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I can’t wait for the weather to pick up a bit so that I can wear it out!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Are you jelly?

When I was little I used to love my jelly shoes more than life itself! Seriously, they were probably my favourite shoes ever. As I mentioned in my post “window shopping and jaw dropping”,  ten years later they seem to be getting popular amongst fashionistas. It’s almost as though they’re becoming a micro-trend for this summer. This is great news for me since last summer in the River Island sale I bagged myself a pair of lilac jelly sandals. I've always loved them, and now it seems as though the love is spreading. I’m so glad I got them cheap as well because they are seaming to be a lot pricier this time around! I absolutely adore these shoes –

Apart from the fact that they rub a bit (but beauty is pain darlings) they are the perfect sandal for this summer. The colour, the style, the material - this is love. I'm hoping to get another pair of more robust, chunky jellies before the summer leaves us.

On another note, I've got down to some DIY and thrifting yet again today, and so I'll post about that tomorrow if I can.
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Friday, 27 July 2012

A little thrifting.

As you’ll know if you’re a frequent reader of Paige of Fashion, I’m obsessed with all things vintage when it comes to fashion. I’ve found over the years whilst shopping for such vintage pieces that the best place to find them at reasonable prices is in charity shops. Most people for some reason, which frankly I can’t understand, are squeamish when it comes to charity shops. It’s true that it’s not a simple and easy as shopping in Newlook or Topshop, but that’s part of the fun.  Searching the rails for something just right is what makes thrifting so amazing. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love high-street shops, but every now and then it’s nice to get something really unique at such small prices. Plus the proceeds go to good causes so really, it’s guilt free shopping!

Today I popped down to my local charity shop and bought myself a carpet fabric purse lined with real leather for 95p and a real leather patch bag for £3.50. Seriously cheap, yet seriously cute and vintage.

Also I think I owe you all a picture of the camo jacket I mentioned in a previous post.

I'm sure I'll post some more of my charity shop finds in the days to come!
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 26 July 2012

My rocky relationship with fake gold.

Faux gold, you either love it or you hate it. Until fairly recently I was a member of the later club and so was of the opinion that unless you could afford the real thing, you should keep away from the material and the colour gold completely. Think chavs wearing gold hoop earrings and gold velour tracksuits - so not stylish.  For me, that’s how it stayed for years, until I started to almost embrace the tacky nature of fake gold. It’s got a very 80’s feel about it and, honestly, I think I like it. So over the past year or so my wardrobe has gained a fair few gold pieces, from a foil top to a chunky gold chain. Obviously I style them right so that they don’t leak through the line that separates oh-so-stylish from oh-so-cheap. My next gold endeavour is this amazing Casio watch:

Here are a few more gold items that I’m loving at the moment:
Oriental floral cigarette trousers - Topshop- £45

 Nail art pen in fools gold - Topshop - £6.50

 Metallic clean leather jacket - Topshop - £160

 Rose mix spike bracelet - Dorothy Perkins - £10

Gold look bead tube necklace - Dorothy Perkins - £8.50

Pearl and spike bracelt - Dorothy Perkins- £7.50

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Window shopping and jaw dropping.

For me the concept of going to a huge shopping centre penniless is normally a bleak one. None the less, today I went window shopping with two of my closest friends and, despite the lack of money, had a really lovely time. As hard as it was to wave goodbye to some of the gems I found throughout the day, I channelled my love of the clothes through taking pictures of them for you guys instead. Sure, it's not quite as good as buying them, but I'll get over it!

Today in pictures:

My first memory of jelly shoes is wearing them at probably about four years old. Style really does come back around because last summer I bought a pair of pastel lilac "JuJu Jellies" from River Island in the sale. They are so adorable. Then whilst out today, I noticed that jelly shoes are everywhere... I mean everywhere worth mentioning. They're more chunky than my ones, and I'm hoping to get myself a pair once I have the funds.
I'm not sure if I've mentioned my obsession with moustaches ever before, but I simply love them! Pretty much every day I draw a moustache somewhere on my wrist or hand, it comes naturally now. So as you can imagine these leggings are like a dream. Coming from someone who isn't a huge fan of patterned leggings, that is saying something.
This ornate brown leather bag caught my eye in Urban Outfitters, and I LOVE it. It's simply perfect for me, being the vintage lover that I am, and is large enough to fit your everyday essentials. I see it with a midi or maxi pleated chiffon skirt and blouse.

Here are two pairs of shoes that I literally fell head over heels for. The studding on both pairs with the chunky silver buckles and almost flatform soles make them my shoe crushed of the moment. I think I prefer the open toe and sides on the second pair making them a touch more summer ready, but I love the zebra print on the first.

You'd have to live in a cave not to notice the rise of tie-dye, bleaching and ombre dye. Urban Outfitters have been doing it for some time however, a long time before it became a trend in fact. As much as I do adore these shorts though, I can't help but wonder if I could just make them myself instead of splashing the cash.

It becomes clear to me that there really is nothing that UO won't tie-dye, including socks. Maybe a tad overboard, but hey, attention to detail is always good. Another pair of what can only be described as snazzy socks, were these metallic/glitter knit ones, I can't help but think that in winter I'll be after a pair.

I. Need. This. Shirt. It's quite frankly a matter of life or death! Ok, not quite, but I would still love to have this piece of beautiful in my wardrobe. It has everything I'm loving at the moment - ombre dye, embellished collar, stud detail, Hawaiian print, cut sleeves and it’s totally perfect. (River Island)

There's no better way to end this than with a sunset. This post card print top is beautiful, and makes me want to jet off to a private island. It would work perfectly with a pair of bleached pale blue shorts in the day, or with a black maxi and gold jewellery at night. I'm also drawn to the idea of adding some black velvet wedges to the outfit to finish it off. Gorgeous. (Urban Outfiters)
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sir, yes sir!

I can't sleep! I'm not sure why but tonight sleep completely eludes me, perhaps because it's the summer holidays and I don't have to do anything major tomorrow so my body decides to stay awake. My usual term time routine is wake up at 6:30, leave the house at 7:30, get to school for 8:00, leave school at around 15:40 and walk home, and then sleep by 22:00. However as soon as summer hits that all goes out of the window. I go from military precision to care free with no planning necessary.

Talking of military, yesterday whilst out in one of my favourite thrift and vintage shop filled towns, I finally got hold of a camo jacket for myself. I've been after one for so long, and since seeing one on Rita Ora my desire only grew. At £10 it was a real bargain as well. Considering they're going for about £50 in Topshop, I'm pretty proud of the price I paid for it. I'll try my best to post a picture of it up for you guys tomorrow once I've had the chance to take one. 

 I'm hoping to get hold of some cheap Velcro army style patches for it on Ebay or something like that. If any of you have any idea where I can grab some, let me know in the comments, it'd be lovely of you.

 Rita Ora -

 Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A quick word on Twitter and blog design

This will just be a quick post to let you all know that I now have a twitter account. I created it mainly so that anyone who wanted to keep up to date with my fashion musings between my blog posts can do just that. If you do fancy following me, and it would be much appreciated, my user name is @BethanyPaige8.

Also I plan on re-designing Paige of Fashion over the summer holidays, if you have any ideas on how I could improve or adapt the blog, drop me an email or leave a comment bellow. Once again your help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

A day of DIY

Every now and then I wake up in the mood for some serious DYI on my wardrobe. Today was one of those days. There’s something about giving old clothes a face lift that’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Maybe it’s the fact that you come out of the whole experience with what can look like a new item, when in fact you haven’t spent a penny. Perhaps it’s the fact that you can have a piece of clothing that no one else, anywhere at any time, will ever have. Either way, I love it.

One thing I’ve been dying (excuse the dreadful pun) to try, is taking some of the colour out of denim using bleach. Today I took the plunge. I cut a pair of jeans that I never, ever wear in to some shorts, and then in the bath splattered them with bleach, before rinsing and washing. They are beautiful, even if I do say so myself.

After the rush of my success I decided that this oversized cord shirt I bought last summer needed a revamp too. I cut it in to a cute vest and then in to the bleach it went. It gave it an almost sky like pattern making it the perfect thing for summer. I’m thinking for my next bleach endeavour maybe trying ombre style jeans or a skirt. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Another bonus to spending my day in this way, my Mum was happy to have such a sparkling bath!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 19 July 2012

New shoes!

Sports and I…well, let’s just say we’re not the best of friends and I’m of the strong opinion that tracksuits should be left to the gym. However, even after my lack of interest in the whole sports luxe trend initially, there’s something that’s managed to convince me it’s not all bad. Wedged trainers. It’s a touchy subject amongst the fashion crowd, dividing the best of fashionistas in to a love/hate feud. To be honest when I first spied them I couldn’t stand them. The idea of trainers whilst not playing, or attempting to play, football freaked me out completely. But slowly, I’ve fallen in love. Since then, I’ve been trying to buy a pair of these beauties at as low a cost as possible. I’d come to the conclusion that it possibly wasn’t meant to be when all available wedged trainers were way out of my price league. Then, I found the pair for me. Believe it or not, from Primark, for £15! White with metallic gold strips and my oh my are they perfect. In case you didn’t notice, I said £15!


The question of how to wear wedged trainers is an easy one to answer. Mine go with anything and everything. From my skinny jeans, leather shorts, and white pleated skirt right on through to my black body con dress. In case you’re not yet convinced of their fashion credentials, they are so amazingly comfortable as well, especially considering they’re inexpensiveness. Though I’m not sure the term “hidden heel” applies to all of them, they certainly do elongate the legs brilliant. These are set to be my summer shoe staple.

Did I mention they were £15?!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

Monday, 16 July 2012

Rihanna for River Island.

Two of my favourite fashion Rs - Rihanna and River Island - are combining to form a fashion mega power. River Island announced on Facebook earlier today, that Rihanna is going to be designing her first clothes line for them in spring 2013. I’m so excited, I mean imagine the beauty that will be created. RiRi is one of my fashion icons, so honestly this is some of the best news I’ve heard all year. The idea of having to wait so long for it though…How will I cope?! The lady herself always talks about her love of British fashion, just think about the video for “we found love”, so I’m really hoping there will be some punk influences in there. Washed out denim, studs and leather? Yes please. Then there’s her 80’s “What’s my name”/ “rude boy” style as well, which I’d love to see make a subtle appearance. In fact, I’m pretty sure which ever style she goes for, it’ll be simply amazing.

Wow, I went a bit over board with the pictures there...oh well!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x