Thursday, 31 May 2012


This time next year, it'll be my year eleven prom. I'm litterally counting down the days. So it's a year away, is that a reason not to be planning how I'm going to be the best dressed there? I think not. For me there are three perfect styles.
1. Classic prom cut.
2. Sheer skirt.
3. Floor sweepers.

I love these...

Prom cut:

Sequin Fringe Dress by Dress Up Topshop

Burnout Mesh Prom Dress
Miss Selfridge

Sheer skirt:

Gathered Empire Maxi Dress

Embroided Bodice Dress
Miss Selfridge

Floor sweepers:

Tencel Pink Beading A-line Prom                                                           £137

Tencel Boatneck Beading Ombre Empire Blue Evening Dress

I have to start saving beacuse I'm way too in love with this last one!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

Saturday, 19 May 2012


On a sunny day like today it seems only right to lie down on the grass doing something that I love, in other words surrounding myself in the world of fashion. It was actually on the grass that I got my inspiration for writing this post. The dasies on the grass in fact. Yellow and white are such summery colours that they seem perfect for this kind of weather. They are the colour couple of summer 2012.
Take a look at this Marni yellow and white dress:



Sorry it's a short one lovelies.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Little Mermaid.

Remember this film? Of course you do! I for one absolutely adore it, in fact Ariel is probably my favorite Disney lady. So, when I first noticed that mermaid style clothes are having a bit of a moment, I was a little too excited. Take for example Carey Mulligan at The Met Ball wearing her gold and silver Prada frock. The scale style texture of this dress is what made it stand out for me (that is a good thing by the way haha) and I'm in love with the mid length of this beauty as well.

Very mermaid-esque:

It seems The Met Ball goers really did embrace the sea spirit, take a look at Karolina Kurkova. The tightness of this dress with the dropped back is simply jaw dropping. Honestly I have a new style crush. May I just add that not many women can get away with wearing a sequin turban on the red carpet, but in her Rachel Zoe creation she pulls it off perfectly.

Then there was Lea Michele at The Golden Globes wearing a very revealing but totally gorgeous Marchesa fish tail dress. So extremely glamorous.

Finally Evan Rachel Wood in custom-designed Gucci at The Golden Globes (if only I had the money for custom-designed Gucci...) Once again a fish tail cut but this time with a green palette for full on mermaid sparkle.

Of course me being me, I instantly started looking for the high-street copies of this style. Here's a selection of the clothes I found:


Topshop (for day):

I still can't get over how amazing Karolina Kurkova's dress is. Oh my goodness...

On a final note, if you wanted to get your hands on Carey Mulligan's stunner of a dress and have some (okay a lot) of money to spare, it's currently being auctioned on ebay! The highest bid at the moment is $2500, and 100% of the money goes to Oxfam once sold. Awh how lovely.

Thanks for reading guys, 
Bethany Paige  x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

British pride.

With The Queen's jubilee and The London Olympics coming up this year, it seems like the perfect time to wave the British flag. However, if you don't have the arm muscles for vigurous flag waving, you could always wear some oh-so-British clothes. Oasis seem to have the right idea with their new London landmarks themed line.

Take a look:

(For few more pictures buy the latest look magazine and go to page 5. There are some lovely pastel prints.)

Obviously you could go for the British flag on your clothing, but hasn't that been over done anyway? 

Thanks for reading guys, 
Bethany Paige x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Britain has got talent ... again!

Once again the female judges on Britain’s Got Talent stepped on stage in some amazing dresses, which warrant a blog post. This time though, I think Amanda Holden is the one that really pulled it out of the bag. Both of the ladies are wearing high-low dresses: very now. Amanda’s is, much like the dress she wore on Sunday evening, a lacy cut out number. I’m loving the fact that the dress has an almost bridal type train to it, so delicate. Not only that but it’s got a hint of yellow that adds a nice flash of colour to the outfit, in addition to the white lace, and flesh tones coming through the lace. The colour splash makes sure that the dress isn’t too wedding-like. The shoulders on the dress also intrigue me. They are a structured cap sleeve style that bring a very modern feel to the outfit. With yellow nails and red lipstick, she looks stunning, and she was right in choosing a pair of diamond earrings and no other jewellery that would over power the outfit.  

Alesha’s dress is also lovely, however I’m still a bigger fan of Amanda’s. On the television screen it’s hard to figure out whether the mirrored pattern on her black high-low dress is metallic or tie-dye effect. Either way both are trendy right now, but I’d say if I was to decide which I prefer the idea of, it would be the tie-dye style pattern. I do love the shoes though, silver metallic stilettos with a thick strip of the metallic fabric on the ankle, any one fancy buying me a pair? Once again her nails are perfection, continuing the metallic theme and pointed. She’s on the mark with her hair as well, as it would’ve been a bad idea to do anything too extravagant that would take away from the boldness of the dress.  

Nice work ladies!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

(appologies again for the bad quality of the photos- they were taken on my phone!)  

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Britain has got talent!

It’s Sunday evening and what’s a better way to spend it than watching Britain’s got talent? And of course, not only do I get to watch the acts (“Where’s my keys? Where’s my phone”), but I also have the chance to witness some gorgeous dresses on the female judges. Both Amanda and Alesha look stunning, but I have to say that Alesha’s dress just blew me away. By the looks of it, she’s wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress, and I want one! It’s dropped hem with that beautiful digital flower print that’s so massive right now. She’s also working silver pointed nails with a neon yellow tip, very Rihanna. Well done. Amanda also ticks style boxes with her delicate black lacy dress and black tipped nails.

I was expecting just to write about the judges clothes on this post, but then the super cute Lauren Thalia came on stage and I just had to mention her. She was wearing a pair of topshop print leggings with some white Dr Martins and a studded white leather waist coat. Seriously, how many trends can one 12 year old tick of in the space of a show?!

Analiza Ching makes the violin hot, and I didn’t know that was possible. She was wearing  a jaw dropping black leather studded mini dress and skyscraper heels. The stud detailing is what did it for me, massive trend that was executed perfectly.

Then there’s Rachel Knowland. She has such an edgy look and I adore that she was wearing a cute 20’s style flapper dress, so very Gucci. She managed to show her inner rebel still with a spiked necklace and earrings. Not so sure whether I’m a fan of the yellow heals though, they didn’t quite work for me. 
(Excuse the quality of these photos, I used my mobile to take them!)

I’m way too excited about these clothes, I quite frankly can’t wait for the next show and I'm not too bothered about who wins anymore!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Snapback envy.

Sometimes I like to think that I’m pretty “fly”, but when I’m not kidding myself, it’s safe to say that I’m really not. It’s fine, I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are a few things I can’t pull off, number 1 - using the word “Fly”… Number 2- Gold chains, unless worn ironically, or to a fancy dress party. Number 3 – Snapbacks.  The last of these is the one I most regret not being able to get away with, because when worn right they can be perfection. The most annoying thing though, is that both my closest friend, and my boyfriend, can wear snapbacks and look really cool. My friend today was wearing hers with a denim bomber style jacket, print leggings, and a dark blue t-shirt: so adorable. My boyfriend wore his with a sweater top from H&M, jeans and some high top converse and also looked absolutely amazing. Honestly, they both look so good, whereas when I wear one, I look the opposite. Not that I'm jealous at all! 

I’ll tell you who else looked ridiculously good in a snapback quite recently, Rihanna  –

In fact the whole outfit was pretty hot. Who fancies buying me a Boy London skirt? Or top? Or anything?

I guess it’s time that I move on and get over it, snapbacks and I shall never be tight (Maybe I just learnt another word I don’t get away with using…)  

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


American flags are everywhere this season, including Ke$ha’s face as seen on the latest cover of V Magazine.

This was the inspiration for my latest post, because it made me realise just how frequently I’ve been seeing stars and stripes. Everybody wants a pair of those American flag shorts, whether from Topshop or Primark, and it seems like this flag is causing a bit of a stir among the high-streets of England. So what’s the big deal? I don’t understand, there's just something about these clothes that make them so very lovable. 
All I know is that I need these three bits of gorgeous: 

£34 Topshop                                                                                          £12 Topshop 

£109.99 Newlook 

Someone get me to LAX as soon as possible. 

Thanks for reading guys, 
Bethany Paige x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Style is born.

Maternity wear gets a revamp and makes a baby bump the best accessory to have this season with maternity website Keungzai gives those yummy Mummies to be the chance to wear on trend clothes during their pregnancy. With clients including Sienna Miller I have no doubts that this brand's fan base will just keep on growing, much like the tummies of those wearing the clothes!

Here are some of my favourites:

2-in-1 printed maternity/nursing dress £165

The print on the top half of this dress is stunning and it's the perfect piece to wear as part of the monochrome trend. Just pair with black booties (like in the picture) and you and your baby could be walking the run way. 

Maternity shirt £95 

I just love this print, I couldn't resist featuring another item that uses it. This shirt is chiffon and can work as evening or day wear. Plus the pointed collar has a light androgynous feel without being too full on.

Maternity peg trouser £95

The soft tailoring on these trousers is adorable and they will go with almost anything due to the neutral colour. One look that would work well with these is the pastel trend, just add a pale pink or green shirt and some flat brogues.

Blue waterfall dress £195

A true stand out piece, this royal blue waterfall dress is a soft jersey material and the body con fit is beautiful. Love!

That my friends is how style is born. 

Thanks for reading guys, 
Bethany Paige x