Sunday, 29 June 2014

Summer Aestetic

Okay, summer and floor length black kimonos aren't exactly synonymous. But whilst most people are dreaming of pastel colours and floral prints this June, my summer mind is unavoidably drawn to the more minimal things in life. I'm lusting after anything grey, anything cleated and anything that creates clean lines. It's almost as though my subconscious wants to merge 80s track runner and 90s grunge band together whilst maintaining a strictly black, white and grey colour scheme. I don't know where such an aesthetic spawned from, but I plan on embracing it from messy bun to 6 inch chunky heel.

Runner shorts - £18 Topshop // Cropped tee - £8 Topshop // Cleated heals - £35 LaModa // Premium back pack - £65 Topshop // floor length kimono - £18 Boohoo 

Can we make summer and floor length black kimonos synonymous? 
Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Cleated thoughts

When you work part time as a waitress, you have to seriously consider how you spend your microscopic wages. I talk from experience. A lot of experience. When it comes to buying shoes, I work out the price on a roughly "cost per wear" basis. As much as I hate to say it, and even more so hate to do it, I have to take into consideration whether I could wear them to Sixth Form. So that means no skyscrapers. Obviously there are slip ups (mind the pun) and I occasionally splash the cash on the most impractical heels I can find, but usually it's flats and chunky soles all the way. Recently though, my longing for the impractical has kicked up a gear. I'm basically dreaming about cleated soles!

Of course, if I bought every pair of insane shoes that I want, I'd be well and truly broke. Blogging about them though, doesn't cost a penny!

Alana white - £38 La Moda // Beatrix Black - £35 La Moda  // 
Pink SInger Chunky platforms - £55 Topshop// Mulder boot platform - Jeffrey Campbell // 
Trainer platforms - $140 Jeffrey Campbell 
(From top left to bottom right)

Is there such thing as rehabilitation for cleated sole obsession? 
Bethany Paige X

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Rule breaker

Some things are so unbelievably ugly that they become beautiful. Exhibit A being puppy bulldogs and Exhibit B being my new shoes. They're everything they shouldn't be, but this season is kind of the fashion moment for that sort of thing, isn't it? They're gangsta Grandfather meets 80s Jesus. They're chunky, comfortable, velcro and black. So really, La Moda have successfully provided me with the most disgustingly drool worthy summer shoes I've ever owned.

Since I was already breaking several "fashion rules", I thought I may as well break one more with La Moda's help and pair my dreamy sandals with socks. I don't think it's possible to resist fishnet ankle socks in black and in white, especially when they only add £1 each to your purchase! And if you can resist, you're a stronger girl than me.

The real struggle now is not being enticed by every other chunky sandal I see just to showcase my new socks. 

Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Kendra Fashion Challenge

I was recently contacted by the absolutely fabulous Kendra Thornton, travel extraordinaire! She asked me, along with other fashion bloggers, to help her with some style ideas for a trip to New York that she'll be taking in a few weeks time. New York has always been a dream destination of mine, so obviously I absolutely jumped at the opportunity to assist in styling the trip, even if I won't be there! Here's what she said:

"Every night for the past week I go to bed and dream of skyscrapers and subways. It could be because I am getting ready to visit New York City in just a couple of weeks with a group of friends. I love family vacations with my 3 children and weekend getaways with my husband, but this trip is my chance to catch up with old friends in an exciting city. However, I just do not have the right clothes for a trip to the Big Apple’s hottest hotel. This is why I decided to create the Kendra Fashion Challenge for some much needed fashion advice and outfit organization.
I think while visiting the city everyone should have at least one special evening out wining and dining. For this trip, we decided to dress up in cocktail dresses and visit the Top of the Standard at the Standard High Line Hotel for great food and even better music. This supper club has amazing views of the city and at sunset the colors are stunning from this vantage point. After choosing our small plate entrees, we will enjoy some live jazz while we sip our specialty drinks. We decided to have supper there one night, but we could return for Sunday brunch if we really enjoy it. 

From dinner out to strolling through the lobby of one of the best hotels in the city, The Standard High Line, I know that our trip will be a lot more fun with my new, updated wardrobe from the Kendra Fashion Challenge."
 Shoes - Topshop £55 // Jumpsuit - Topshop £60 // Bag - Miss Guided £14.99 // 
Necklace - Topshop £45 // Eye shimmer - Topshop £8
As you can see, I decided to shy away from the classic cocktail dress for evening drinks and go for something a tad more daring in the form of this powder pink strapless jumpsuit. I paired it with simple leather chunky heels and a roll over clutch bag, as well as adding hints of gold with the necklace and eye shimmer. This style remains utterly sophisticated whilst also being innovative and daring, mirroring the atmosphere of NY completely. 
Shoes - Topshop £55 // Dress - Topshop £36 // Bag - Topshop £36 //
 Lips - Topshop in Infared £8 // Socks - Topshop £3.50

I also decided to create a day time "brunch" look, with a much more airy feel. This white structured skater dress is perfect for a classy look to swan around New York in. By adding the bright orange accessories, the style credentials of the outfit are raised higher still! There's even the option of risking this season's most controversial trend - socks and sandals - in an absolutely adorable way. 
This has made me rather jealous! I wish I was going to New York to wear jumpsuits and orange platforms. Still, I hope Kendra has an absolutely amazing time and that my look boards could be some help in her style quest!
Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Raise Closet Swap: Backpacks, flats and reflective sunglasses

I hate the cold weather. If it didn't provide me with an excuse to wear my pink mohair coat, I'd probably go as far as saying that I detest the cold weather, but everybody likes a pink mohair coat. I most certainly prefer summer clothing though. There's probably nothing better than finally freeing your legs from Primark "super-cosy" tights and allowing them to hopefully develop away from the questionable shade of white that they are throughout the rest of the year. 

It was this love of summer, and hatred of winter, that made me interested in 's campaign, Closet Swap. They asked me to put together a blog post showing how my wardrobe will be making the transition into summer and what I'll be wearing throughout the warmer months. is a website completely dedicated to buying and selling giftcards (aka your absolute saviour for when you get an unwanted giftcard at Christmas but can't bring yourself to just throw it away). It also gives you the opportunity to buy them at a discounted price. It really is a win-win situation.

For me, there's three items that will be ruling my summer wardrobe - Reflective sunglasses, flats and backpacks. As much as I hate the word "practicality" it's a huge influence over what I wear when the sun is smiling. That's mainly because summer is simply made to be enjoyed, so I don't want to be hindered by huge platforms or tiny clutch bags. And as for the sunglasses, you just have to protect your peepers and look stylish whilst doing it. 

I decided to use Raise's Closet Swap as a chance to show you all three examples of how I'll be styling these three summer essentials. 

Snakeskin hightops - H&M // Chunky sandals - Primark // Skaters - Topshop 
Pink sunglasses - Primark // Gold sunglasses - From Madrid // Rainbow sunglasses - Primark

Vintage black backpack - Puma // White backpack - New Look 

Neoprene skirt - Storets // grey t-shirt - Primark // high top trainers - H&M

T-shirt - Cordeilia // shorts - Uniqlo // shoes - Primark


 Unicorn print dress - Lashes of London // Snakeskin skaters - Topshop 

What are your summer essentials?
Bethany Paige X

Friday, 6 June 2014

Like a Moss

Let's be honest, we've all wanted to be Kate Moss at some point. There's no reason to deny it. She's just so effortlessly cool it's hard not to lust over aspects of her life, even if just a little.

It was this adoration (obsession) that made me search the web after seeing possibly the most amazing T-Shirt on Instagram. It was styled up with a pair of high waisted shorts and Jeffrey Campbell style cleated heels and I fell in love with it right there and then. I mean, it said "like a Moss" on it, how was I supposed to resist? It took me basically a whole evening to finally find it and when I did it was a little more pricey than I would usually spend. By that point though, I had already fallen for it.

It cost £22 but Jenn from Cordelia did include a pack of love heart sweets in my package which softened the blow somewhat. The whole package was just adorable. Plus, it is absolutely amazing quality and considering how much I have worn it already (it's a little embarrassing, really) I'd say that it's certainly worth the money.

Cordelia over on bigcartel has some really cool t-shirts for laid back days. Or every day in my case. So, definitely go and check it out and make sure you let me know if you buy anything! 

Bethany Paige X

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Whitewash and sunshine

Recently, Primark sunglasses have been blowing up my Instagram. They literally sneak into every single picture. They're in OOTDs, in the edge of those artsy "black coffee and berries for breakfast" pictures and of course they have posts entirely devoted to them taking centre stage. Honestly, I only slightly exaggerate. 

It seems as though Primark have upped their eye game and it hasn't gone unnoticed among my fellow fashion bloggers. That's why I was enticed into the accessories section whilst in town shopping for my best friend's birthday present today. I blame all of you stylish instagramers. Although, when I say "blame" I should really say "thank", since they are totally gorgeous and cost a tiny £2 each! Plus, one pair looks like a partially formed bubble, so I can hardly complain, can I? For my other purchase, there's nobody to blame except myself. I saw a pretty, clean cut, backpack and I bought it. In my defence (not that I need one) I thought it would cost a lot more than the £20 it did. I am quite simply in love and couldn't resist. And sometimes, you do crazy things for love. And New Look. 

Glasses -  both Primark // Backpack - New Look 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week,
Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

OOTD: Zara meets Celine meets Charity Shop

In the fashion blogger universe, contrary to common belief, money actually does grow on trees. The laws of biology don't extend into OOTD and haul posts, clearly, because there is a whole lot of Valentino heels and Kenzo jumpers floating around this wonderful place on the internet which we inhabit. Not just that, but girls my age seem to have the funding to purchase copious amounts of Topshop which as my last post discusses, seems to be getting a little big for its boots pricing wise. So either they have a really well paid weekend job, their parents pay for such outings, or my first hypothesis is correct - money grows on trees. The later seems to be the most likely to me, I just haven't had the luck to find these plants that sprout £50 notes on a regular basis quite yet. Or even one that sheds pound coins for that matter.

So for the time being, it seems as though at least one item per OOTD will be listed as "thrifted". I estimate that a third of my wardrobe is made up of charity shop bought clothes which means it's inevitable really. Some people would be embarrassed by that. Me, I'm not easily embarrassed. I see no shame in buying gorgeous clothes with an equally gorgeous price tag. 

My most recent thrifting success came in the form of a woven, tartan dress originally from Zara and somewhat reminiscent of Celine's AW13 collection. It looks an awful lot like those huge plastic shopping bags you see people take to Poundland or discount shops. It doesn't sound it, but that is a complement. The best thing is, in all of its Zara meets Celine glory, it cost me a grand total of £15. After doing some research online (any true thrifter knows that finding out how much you saved is one of the best parts) I discovered that on eBay the dresses are going for between £50 and £80! If there's one thing that makes me smile in this world, it's that. Even if I haven't found the forest of money just yet.

Dress - Thrifted // Boots - H&M // Bag - Topshop (gifted) // Glasses - Bought in Madrid //
Lipstick - Rimmel in Heart Breaker // Nails - Rimmel 60 Second Dry in Black Out

Bethany Paige X