Thursday, 23 October 2014

The dressing gown coat

Most mornings I would happily leave my front door still in pyjamas with my duvet hugged around my shoulders. At 7am and heading to school, I'm tired, cold and feel as though I could probably ignore the bemused commuters around me on the 141 bus. There's always that little part of my brain that stops me doing so of course. It's probably my subconscious saving future me from the sheer embarrassment I would face upon being awake enough to realise I willingly left the house sporting flannel trousers and a duvet for a cape. 

Still, the opportunity to be as comfortable (and warm) as if wearing pyjamas whilst retaining fashion kudos is not one I will ever pass up. And that my friends, is why I am so in love with the current trend for oversized, slouchy, wool coats that are belted at the waist. The dressing gown coat, as I call it. 

In particular, I've been getting pretty strong feelings towards this camel (since when have I liked camel, by the way?) wool coat by Mango. Suddenly my wardrobe feels incomplete without it. 

£139.99 at ASOS

Bethany Paige X

Friday, 17 October 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M

H&M love a good collaboration collection, don't they? From Madonna to Minogue and Cavalli to Comme des Garcons, the Swedish fashion giant simply can't resist the chance to work some fashion magic with a stylish celeb or a design house. Of all the collections though, Alexander Wang for H&M has to be the one that I've been most excited for. And that's saying a lot considering they worked with Isabel Marant last year! 

Wang just has a way with simplicity. He's all about minimal colour pallets, beautiful cuts and a high fashion sporty aesthetic. Even when I wouldn't necessarily wear his designs, I certainly don't mind spending hours staring at their beauty! The same can be said for Wang's H&M collaboration. Obviously there's plenty of pieces I would adore to have hanging in my wardrobe (that cropped jumper and all of the bralets), but some of it is a bit more of a novelty that I take pleasure in just looking at. To be honest I'm just not sure I could pull off boxing gloves at the supermarket! 

Bethany Paige X

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I vividly remember my Mum buying a marble work surface for our kitchen when I was about 8. Mainly I recall it so well because I couldn't understand her utter exaltation about it being installed. To me it was just a work surface. And I didn't get why anyone would spend money on one when they could buy sweets or Hannah Montana's new CD instead. Nonetheless, she adored it. Sometimes I think she looked at it more lovingly than she looked at my brother and I!

Aside from that kitchen work surface (my Mum was devastated when we moved house six months later) marble has been rather inconsequential in my life. That is until I was spontaneously struck by just how beautiful marble prints are a few weeks ago. It only took me seeing a single shirt in a white and grey marble pattern to become utterly obsessed and looking up just where I can buy a whole wardrobe of the print. There's something gorgeously refined about it.

 BZR dress in Marble print - £85 ASOS // Marble iPhone case - £14 // Marble Skirt - Zara originally and now found online // Peg Trousers in printed marble scuba - ASOS £35 // Chiffon vest - £14.99 H&M // Wood Wood Berdine shorts in marble - £29 ASOS // Warehouse marble effect sunglasses - £4.50 ASOS

And on that note, I'm happy to unveil my new, very marbled, blog theme!
Bethany Paige X

Monday, 6 October 2014

My mind at the moment: Number 2

(all images found on Tumblr)

My mind is somewhere else at the moment. It's all over the world in beautiful places. I'm inspired by the thought of travel and the thought of travelling with wonderful people. By quiet rebellion. By love in all its forms. By art that speaks without making noise and by spilling my heart onto journal pages in the early hours of the morning. By the inky night sky. By baggy t-shirts and messy hair. By minimalism inherently louder than opulence.

Bethany Paige X