Saturday, 31 May 2014

Ashish X Topshop

Ashish collections exemplify the way I would dress if I lived in London and didn't have sixth form dress code regulations to abide by. My wardrobe would be saturated in oversized slogan sweatshirts, punky floral prints and would be sodden in sequins. Basically, I would recreate every single season of Ashish on a smaller budget (London apartments are pricey, you know?)

That said, I was recently fed the dream that such funding issues would no longer be a problem as Topshop and Gupta joined forces to create a perfectly insane collection at beautifully sane highstreet prices. I was fed the dream of  stacked platform trainers, black mesh and a wardrobe that flashes an array of colours at the control of a remote, easily accessible on my most visited website and without the designer price tag. I have literally been excited about the Ashish x Topshop collab since the minuted it was announced. In fact, it's possibly the only collaboration I've ever looked forward to, aside from Rihanna for River Island.

Unfortunately for Topshop, much like Rihanna for RI, the collection was disappointing. I like the idea of a light up clear backpack, but something about it wasn't quite right. Most probably the £350 price tag that accompanies its novelty. And tongue in cheek beach towels are all good and well until you note the fact that they cost £75 for a pair. I mean really, Topshop? I think you're getting a little big for your flashing boots. Considering a huge proportion of your sales come from teenage girls working four hour shifts at their local cafe every Saturday for money, I'd say you missed an opportunity. But hey, I'm no business expert.

If I wasn't so appalled by the prices which would literally cost me two months worth of waitressing wages for one pair of shoes, it saddens me to say that I would think most of the collection is dreamy. Wearable? Not really. Dreamy? Yes. Very. It's arguable that a few more sequins would not have gone amiss, and a pair of those two tone jeans from the SS14 collection would have made my year, but with slogan t-shirts promoting your twitter handle, you can hardly complain.

So, the highly anticipated Ashish x Topshop collection - Deliciously humorous. Disgustingly overpriced.

Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 29 May 2014

OOTD: Ain't no wifey

Sometimes I like to pretend I'm cooler than I actually am. If we're honest with ourselves, reality can suck from time to time and it's nice to pretend for a while that you're a fashion icon, when in reality you go to your local secondary school and are far from being Alexa Chung! Equally, I often chose clothes that I'm probably not quite "street" enough (saying that alone was a little embarrassing, wasn't it?) to pull off. But I pretend I am. The way I see it, if you believe it yourself, everybody else will too. Or at least you'll be too busy to realise that they don't.

So, yes, I am wearing an "ain't no wifey" t-shirt. Yes, I am wearing dollar sign earrings. Yes, I did shoot this OOTD and then go and have a nice cup of tea with two sugars.

Shoes - Topshop // Skirt - Primark // Top - eBay // Sheer jacket - H&M //
Glasses - thrifted // Bag - thrifted // Earrings - New Look // Lipstick - H&M

Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My mind at the moment

This month I'm being inspired by the casual. Grey sweaters, messy hair, distressed denim and fashion that doesn't take itself so seriously. The concept of constant movement and happiness for the sake of happiness. The sounds of Tove Lo. The sunshine, the sea and wasted hours spent in both. Being in communication with amazing people I haven't spoken to in a long time. Change and freedom.

Bethany Paige X

Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday Henry Holland

Believe it or not, I didn't write this post purely so I could make the title so beautifully alliterative. Ever since the day I first started getting into fashion, House of Holland has been the LFW show I always look forward to the most. I may or may not be a bit like a One Direction fangirl whilst watching those live streams! I'm talking screeching, constant tweeting and instantly trying to re-create the looks on a Primark budget. For that reason, a Happy Birthday blog post dedicated to my all time favourite designer is definitely necessary.

From the A/W 2007 collection when it all kicked off with thigh high socks and t-shirts your mother certainly wouldn't want to see to in, to the never ending texture of the A/W 2014 show, Henry certainly knows how to make an impact on the fashion world. A fluffy, spotty, multi-coloured impact. For me, the S/S 2013 and 2014 collections will always remain at the top of my list of most lust worthy clothes. Let's all stop for a minute and remember those tie-dye dresses, metallic cut-out boots and sumptuous purple silks with slicked back hair.

Top row - S/S 2013 // Bottom row - S/S 2014

After causing me such utter infatuation over clothes for all these years, I'd love to send Mr Holland a birthday card the size of the Mr Quiffy van, but obviously I don't know his address (my fangirl qualities do not stretch that far, I promise!). Nor do I have enough card making equipment to facilitate it. Or any card making equipment for that matter. So, this blog post celebrating his amazingness will just have to do for now. When we're best friends, it will be a whole different story...

Happy Birthday Henry, may it be fashion filled and fabulous! 
Bethany Paige X 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

OOTD: Here's to never growing up

I've been waiting to do this blog post for at least two months. Not just to show off my new skort (although obviously that is part of the reason) but to celebrate the ending of my exams! After so long of what seems like 24/7 revision, the prospect of a couple of weeks off to do whatever I want is simply glorious. It also means that today marks the day when I will be back into my normal blogging routine and poor Paige of Fashion will no longer be neglected whilst I go over history flash cards for the hundredth time. 

The sun is out, I no longer have to study like a maniac, and I'm ignoring the fact that the ending of AS exams means the looming decisions on unis and further education that next year will bring. As far as I can see, life is pretty good at the moment! In true fashion blogger style, the only suitable way to celebrate seemed a post-exam OOTD. 

T-shirt - Primark// Skort - Pilot // Sandals - Primark//Sun glasses - Bought in Madrid //
Watch - Michael Kors// Bag - Thrifted// Lipstick - H&M // Necklace - Gift 

let's pretend that it was planned that my skort and the sky match perfectly!
Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


If you ask me, anything that is a blend of two words is usually pretty amazing. Blog. Sporks. Bromance. Nintendogs. Bootylicious. I could very easily go on but I shan't because you get the point - Portmanteaus (apparently the posh term for blending words) are endlessly entertaining! Near the top of this list though, perhaps just after "moobs", is "skort". Not only the kind of word that I could happily say twelve times over, but also the item that seems to have had quite the impact in the blogging world of late. 

I mean, it's a skirt and it's a pair of shorts. What's not to love? The security of shorts with the style credentials of a mini skirt. Kind of like a reversed mullet - Business in the back, party in the front. Who ever thought that piece of genius up deserves some kind of award. And while we're at it, we need to make sure "pleather" is in the nominations too. 

With that in mind - the wonder of the skort is the kind of thing I think about on a daily basis - I set out to find one. Searches turned up a lot results thanks to the likes of Topshop and Boohoo but nothing caught my eye enough to warrant the splurge in wages they would require. Then, as is often the case, I was wandering around the shops near my work before I started a few days ago and I saw it. The skort of my dreams. The kind of skort I wouldn't blame you for thinking had been hand crafted by angels if it weren't for the highstreet label inside. Surprisingly, that label shows that it is from Pilot which means that I have both found the perfect skort (from a shop I never really appreciated before) and it was a beautiful price. At just £14, I honestly think I was guided towards it my some kind of heavenly presence. Fantabulous. 

Aside from the beyond gorgeous print and the fact that it actually has pockets, the high-waisted cut is perfect for my frame. With a crop top, chunky sandals and a mocktail of some description, I can already see the perfect summer day forming in the not so distant future. 

Portmanteau count: Ten
Regrets: None 

Bethany Paige X

Friday, 16 May 2014

OOTD: Sunshine

Boots - H&M//bag-Puma//skirt-River Island//top-Primark//earrings-gift 

Despite the fact that I burn quicker than a vampire, I've always loved the sunshine. I am not a fan of layering, nor am I a fan of tights in any form or anything knitted unless absolutely necessary. Essentially, I despise the cold and the clothing it requires. So, as soon as the sun makes an appearance that lasts for more than a week, I am (more literally than I care to admit) jumping for joy. There's nothing more deeply satisfying than stripping away the layers of gloom that winter brings, in favour of your summer wardrobe. 

To celebrate the surprisingly toasty temperatures today gifted me - I could actually sit in the garden without risking hypothermia for the first time in months - I thought an OOTD was in order. Plus, it coincided nicely with my first afternoon off from revision since exam season started so it was hard to resist finally writing a new post. 

There's something innately summery about the slightly sporty aesthetic of this white mesh panelled pencil skirt. It also does most of the work for the outfit, only needing a basic crop top and my trusty monster boots to complete the basis of the look. Then all I had to do was add on some typically Beth touches - huge gold earrings, a messy bun and a somewhat out of place backpack - to create my idea of warm weather perfection.

I will be back to my usual blogging routine soon I absolutely promise! When exams are over I'll be a constant presence on your dashboard once again.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend,
Bethany Paige X

Mac Giveaway winner

A massive congratulations to Ellie, who has won a Mac Lipstick colour of her choice after entering the Paige of Fashion Giveaway! Now she just has the hard task of deciding which shade she's going to pick (and trust me, that is a hard task). To all of those that entered and weren't lucky this time, don't be glum - I'm sure a new giveaway will be just around the corner! 

Thanks for entering, 
Bethany Paige X