Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to school haul

As you probably already know if you've been reading some of my most recent posts, next week I begin my first year of Sixth Form. Usually going back to school would be an entirely unappealing experience but this year there's one thing softening the blow, albeit only slightly - Year 12 students don't have to wear uniform! Since clothes do make all the difference, you can imagine the positive spin it will put on my first early morning in 10 weeks when instead of the usual navy blue pleated skirt, I step into something a lot more me.

Of course, this also means that I'm going to have to create lots more outfits because I'll be going from wearing my own clothes twice a week to full time. A perfectly reasonable excuse to go out shopping, right? I certainly think so. And not just normal shopping, a total haul (cue excited squeals)! So today I headed into town to do just that.

All of the things I bought were from Primark because if my old uniform is anything to go by, they will be wrecked within a year and need replacing. So, keeping the cost to a minimum was probably a wise choice!

Since this is such a huge collection of items, I'll get started...

Floral Kimono

I have been after a kimono all summer and, although it will be used around school instead of at the beach like I planned, I finally got one! The great thing about this is that it can be used over basic items of clothing to brighten up any outfit. Plus, as the weather starts to cool slightly it will act as a great cover up. 

 Grey jersey dress

Just a simple grey dress to wear with more detailed pieces (hello kimono). I'm hoping that it will become a wardrobe staple which I can wear again and again without too many people noticing because it will be dressed up in different ways! 

Grey sweater

There's something about this oversized sweater that I just love. It's slightly reminiscent of classic american varsity sweaters and I can see it being my go-to piece on those days where comfort and style must meet. Chunky gold chain and a mini skirt with this beauty, I can see it now!

 Boucle sweater 

From the boucle fabric to the leather detailing around the arms, everything about this top makes it appear more expensive than it was! With such a simple colour pallet, it will work with almost everything and can be used on formal schools days as well. 

 Leather quilted mini

Whether or not I will get away with wearing this at school is questionable. There's only one way to find out! This leather mini skirt looks fabulous with the grey sweater (featured above) but again is extremely versatile and could work with various t-shirts. There's something very Clueless about it.

 Checked skater skirts in red and black

Again, these skirts are very 90s and very Cher from Clueless. There's no wardrobe staple quite like the humble skater skirt, add on checks- one of my favourite prints - and I'm head over heels! I see them paired with basic t-shirts, gold accessories and chunky boots.

Light weight sweater 

Just another wardrobe staple in the form of this light weight sweater. It's versatile, it's great for as the weather starts to cool and it hangs just right. Need I say more?

Grey vest with leather pocket detail

Although we're not technically supposed to wear vest tops at school, I figure that under blazers or cardigans no one will ever know! Hopefully... Still, the light floaty fabric of this top contrasted with the leather strip on the pocket made it too irresistible. 

 Cream bag with gold detailing

As well as a vintage satchel bag which I plan on using for "light school days", I thought it was a good idea to buy something that's big enough to hold all of my folders and books too. Since it needs to work with all of the above items and many more, I stuck to a basic cream colour but think that the gold studs and fastenings stop it from becoming too plain.

 Grey (and black) boyfriend t-shirt 

I got this t-shirt in both grey and black purely because I adore the boyfriend fit that Primark sell. Plus, it's undeniable that this kind of thing will go with anything and everything!

Running style trainers in navy and black 

Yes, I bought these trainers in two colours. Don't judge me too hugely! In my experience Primark shoes aren't the most sturdy and tend to break within a few months but I couldn't simply pass these beauties by. So, I decided to buy two pairs just in case one does get damaged beyond repair! I'm slowly growing quite the stylish collection of trainers.

Perhaps it hasn't made the prospect entirely painless, but going back to school with all of these beautiful new clothes will make it more bearable! I might even go as far as saying I'm slightly excited about it. 

No doubt you'll be seeing these items many times over the next year in various OOTDs! 

Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Current obsessions: School days

1. Midi kilt - £48 2. Trafford runners - £28 3. Africa satchel - £30 4. Checked shirt - £28 5. liberty skirt - £25 6. Mini backpack - £25 7.Varsity dress - £50 8. Pork pie hat - £25 9. Boxer shorts - £34 10. Lace trim socks - £3.50 11. T bar geek shoes - £32 12. Acid pini dress - £38. All Topshop. 

It's less than a week until school starts here in the UK (sorry to remind you all), so it was quite a happy coincidence when I realised that, half way through making today's wishlist, all of the items had hints of classic school uniform about them. From the pork pie hat and patent shoes through to the gym kit like trainers, every piece of clothing has a nostalgic almost comforting feel about it, much like the school uniform you've worn for years. Of course, with these beauties, the outfit would be somewhat more stylish than a pleated school skirt and jumper combo! Still, the reference is there.

Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 25 August 2013

The Tumblr effect

I've always been a devote magazine buyer. For as long as I can remember I've spent my evenings flicking through the pages of fashion mags - back then it was "Mizz" and now it's "Vogue" - lusting over the spreads of beautiful clothes I couldn't and still can't really afford. It was this addiction (I have over £150 worth of magazines stacked up in my bedroom), that truly lead me to love fashion. They act as one of my main sources of inspiration for dressing and almost always have, along side other blogs these days of course.

However, I do also realise that as far as teenage girls go I'm not particularly "normal". I don't suppose the average teen buys Vogue, InStyle, Company and Elle every single month leaving her somewhat broke and even less likely to be able to afford those clothes on page 21 (the "style idol" spread in this month's Company in case you were curious), does she? I've been questioning for a while where this typical British teen does get her style inspiration if not from magazines, and the answer seems fairly simple - Tumblr.

Yes Beth, it's 2013, no need for paper anymore when you can have a wealth of fash inspo at the click of a button! I should have thought about it sooner, I am a fashion blogger after all, although on an entirely different platform! It's all Tumblr, the online home to millions of adolescents and seemingly the modern and youthful answer to Vogue.

Suddenly I'm feeling rather uncomfortable and out of date.

It seems that my generation are truly enticed by "Tumblr girls". You know, the pastel coloured hair, tatted up, ear stretcher types who wear white knee high socks and baggy t-shirts (stereotypical speaking that is). And with each re-blog the obsession grows further more, leading girls in the the realms of "hipster". I'll admit, I can see the appeal. Going against convention and having pale blue hair and a feather tattooed on the arm does have a certain "I'm a stylish rebel" ring to it. Still, it's not for me.

(Disclaimer: I don't know these girls personally, 
nor do I know their Tumblr links, I just found these on google!)

I'm a firm believer that the camo jacket made its huge mark last summer not due to Karl Lagerfeld, but instead due to the hundreds of pictures of Tumblr girls in their oversized army jackets that circled through the online universe. Similarly, it wasn't Christopher Kane who created such a buzz about galactic prints, again we have Tumblr to thank...Or blame.

Of course, there's a style blog for everyone. Those devoted to the street style of women swanning around LFW and the latest catwalk shots exist, pushing the social networking site even further towards being an updated version of the magazine. It does seem though that the bleached, dyed and oversized Tumblrs have the most impact on people of my age. 

Don't get me wrong, in my eyes there's no way that sites such as Tumblr could make the likes of Vogue obsolete any time soon, but it's undeniable that to hundreds of teens this social networking craze acts as an invaluable inspiration source. Even I, the fashion magazine obsessed 16 year old who barely touches her Tumblr account, can see its social prevalence. 

It does make me wonder; in 30 years time when people hold 2010s themed parties, will high waisted Levis, air max and an aquamarine wig be the costume of choice?  

I can hear it now - 
"What are you going as to the party?" 
"I'm going as a Tumblr Girl" 

Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 22 August 2013

GCSE results

Cast your mind back a few months and you may well remember that for roughly 4 weeks Paige of Fashion went almost silent. As you probably realise, it takes quite a lot to keep me from blogging so as I explained at the time, my reason was a very good one - I was completing copious amounts of revision before the 21 exams I had in June! You see, I take my education very seriously and as much as it did pain me to leave it so quiet, something had to give, and that just so happened to be my blog. 

As you may know, today was GCSE results day. Apart from the "normal" nerves that everyone experiences, I had the underlining feeling that if my grades weren't all that great, I would've wasted a lot of precious blogging time! But, I'm very happy and extremely proud to say that the work paid off. I came away with 3 Bs, 8 As and even an A*! 

I felt as though I should share with you all my results so that you too could know that the weeks I spent away from blogging were not at all wasted! In fact they sent me towards this point, where within the next few weeks I will have started sixth form, and will be heading off on my next venture in life. 

Thank you all for putting up with my somewhat sporadic posting over exam period and I hope those of you that received your GCSE results today got what you were hopping for. Remember though, grades don't define a person. If you didn't get as high a set of grades as you would've liked, don't worry, just use that as your drive to improve in the future! 

Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Shrug it off

It's almost inevitable that every season designers will cut panels out of their clothing or leave large fragments of flesh on show. Often, it's the midriff and more than occasionally the upper leg, meaning crop tops and leg slits leave behind a rather bemused bunch of fashion followers, who of course don't have the same proportions as those on the runway. Because of this, most people abandon the idea entirely, sticking with tops that cover the tummy region. Perhaps a select few may spend hours in the gym in attempts to firm up the assets which in vogue at the time, but either way, a sacrifice is made, be it cookies or the crop tops.

Perhaps that's why there was a lustful sigh of relief resonating throughout fashion lovers at the A/W 2013 shows. A new way to flash the flesh was introduced that does't involve doing 100 crunches at every given opportunity! The usual on show assets were somewhat overshadowed by a body part a little less typical - the shoulders.

Thanks to the likes of Prada, a nonchalantly fallen shoulder strap is the new way to be daring without being too daring. It creates an image of slight carelessness, an almost rebellion against the usual structure and shapes, but to the delight of many, this rebel need not have the model figure that other trends warrant. Simply allowing ones coat to drape past the shoulder blade is enough.

Similarly to many trends for AW 2013, the overwhelming mood is that of effortlessness. A shoulder flash may be in style, but it must also appear as a perfectly executed accident.

What a happy coincidence that your out of place strap looks so fabulous, right ladies?

Bethany Paige X

Saturday, 17 August 2013

OOTN: All black everything

Last week I posted about the fact that I had been invited to a party with a rather strict dress code - "All black everything". As a mentioned at the time, this sent me into a bit of a frenzy! Desperate to find a fabulous LBD that would stand out, I originally began hunting online for an outfit especially for the event. This was before I remembered a French Connection number which I've had hidden in my wardrobe for at least a year without wear (how this happened I'm not quite sure).

As soon as I rediscovered the long sleeved black mini dress, I suddenly had a moment of fashion clarity and knew exactly what to pair it with! I wasn't going to pass up an oppurtunity to wear my Lita boots now was I? I also added my oversized woven clutch with black leather trim and gold clasp - although this did perhaps slightly bend the rules - to carry all of my essentials, camera included.

As promised, here are some OOTN pictures which were quickly snapped on the way: 

Dress - French connection, boots - Truffle Shuffle, clutch (bellow) - Primark

 The beautiful Kelsie and myself

 The stunning Shana and myself

I suppose it goes without saying that the heels were removed half way through the night to allow for dancing, but still, prior to that I absolutely adored this look!

I hope you're all having a nice weekend, 
Bethany Paige X

Friday, 16 August 2013

Riviera culture

France: The fashion capital of the world. Famed for its effortlessly chic clothing, France is undeniably one of the most important countries on the style map. Just a mention of the name is enough to conjure thoughts of a buzzing Parisian fashion week, or the copious boutiques that cover the land within the minds of anybody vaguely acquainted with the design industry!

Perhaps the most prominent of the many styles associated with French culture is that of the Riviera. The minimal tailoring, injections of animal print and almost stereotypical stripes mean that every summer, if not throughout the whole year, fashion lovers are saying left saying “ooh la la” to the look! The colour pallet is simple – it’s all about blues, blacks and whites – with the basic rules of pairing coming into play. Despite this simplicity though, the style remains endlessly fashionable. 

Get the look

Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 11 August 2013

OOTD: My summer shorts

You know those items in your wardrobe that you go through phases of wearing almost constantly? Those pieces that it pains you to put in the wash because you know you'll have to go a significant amount of time without them? Well, these grey shorts are one of those items! 

Over the past month I've blended them into numerous outfits because they are truly the best pair of summer shorts I own. On top of being possibly the comfiest thing in my wardrobe, they're unbelievably flattering (thank you high waist and long leg) and of course are also extremely versatile. Perhaps they don't seem like the normal fashion basic, after all the style tends to lend itself more towards the gym than the streets, but they seem to work as a surprisingly stylish staple. 

Considering the amount of times I've pulled these on over the last four weeks, it seems only right to show you one of the OOTDs! Here I've mixed the grey shorts with a simple black crop top, my sheer bomber jacket and lace up sandals. 

 Bomber - H&M, crop top - unknow, shorts - uniqlo, shoes - Topshop.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend,
Bethany Paige X

Saturday, 10 August 2013

All black everything

"All black everything" - The dress code that was specified for a party which I will be attending next week. At first look it seems pretty simple, after all perhaps the easiest of ensembles is that which revolves around the trusty LBD! However, after putting a little more thought into the concept, the whole dress code seemed a lot more daunting. Suddenly the question of what to wear was clouded over with a worry of blending in. I realised that with everyone wearing the same colour, having a stand out look becomes somewhat more tricky!

In a room full to the brim with multicoloured sparkles and bright bodycons, the little black dress can make the loudest statement. It will forever have a classic beauty surrounding it. So, what about if everyone wears the LBD? Does it lose its punch? Well, I'm inclined to say "yes".

This thought set me on a mission for my fellow LBD lovers and blending in haters. I've scoured the internet for some of the best black dresses around (it's hard wok being a fashion blogger) just in case you encounter a situation such as mine, where you need a stand out LBD among the masses. Luckily, the high street at my finger tips didn't disappoint. I found some little black beauties!

As for my outfit for the party, you're just going to have to wait and see! An OOTN will be creeping on to Paige of Fashion at some point next week no doubt. 

Bethany Paige X

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

200 blog posts and counting

On the 7th of November last year I ended my post with the words “Here's to another 100”. If you've been a Paige of Fashion reader for quite some time, plus you have a rather amazing memory, you may well know that I was referring to blog posts.  I had just reached the milestone of having written 100 of the things! Sure enough, 9 months later and I’m yet again celebrating a similar, yet perhaps even more rewarding event. I have indeed reached the big 200!

Again, I can only look back at the many hours I've spent writing about one of my biggest loves and wonder what I would have done for the past year and half without Paige of Fashion. Despite the fact that I came into the world of blogging utterly unaware of the huge effect it would have on me, it’s undeniable that it now lies as one of my top priorities. When I’m not constructing posts I'm planning, or researching or in some way thinking about them! I suppose that says a lot about the extent to which I enjoy what I do.

On top of the obvious fact that it provides me a lot of enjoyment, I feel that writing for Paige of Fashion has also made me grow as a person. Since reaching my 100th post my writing style has been further solidified and I feel confident in the way that I express my views. I’m less afraid to say what I think, which previously wasn't the case. I feel as though through writing I’m able to be very truthful about what I like, and occasionally dislike, regarding fashion as well as some other topics too. On top of that, I know that as a community all of you beautiful bloggers are always open to hearing the opinions of others, mine included!

I truly have met some of the most amazing people through blogging, even though it’s not face to face. I can’t help but feel like I’m part of a very large (and very fashionable) family! So over 200 followers, a lot of comments and even more page views later, my biggest thanks lie with you all. To those of you that have been reading since the beginning or have only just followed a few days ago, thank you for your help in making Paige of Fashion what it is today.

I could ramble on about how amazing it is to be a blogger and how wonderful you all really are forever, but I get the feeling that a few months down the line I will be writing something similar for when I reach the 300 blog post mark. Let’s just say that I can’t see my blogging days being over any time soon!

Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 4 August 2013

If I had all the money in the world

Not just the lyrics to a Gwen Stefani song (or a the fiddler on the roof song for those of you that are theater goers) but in fact words that you will often hear me saying. I'm sure I'm not alone in the fashion blogger community, after all we are a bunch of label lusters aren't we? It's undeniable that, although the majority of things I buy are quite thrifty, I have a lot of love for designer items too. Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of money that warrants me buying numerous Louis Vuitton bags or Chanel jackets a year! Still, a girl can dream.

On top of the pieces that I have a temporary love for - those catwalk winners that would look great for a season and then slowly fade into the untouched realms of my wardrobe - there are also those beautiful items that every fashionista knows would become wardrobe staples.

So for a moment, let's pretend that I do have all the money in the world to do with what I want. Ignore my lack of funding and I'll take you on a tour of my wannabe wardrobe staples!

A Michael Kors bag:

A Louis Vuitton bag:



A Michael Kors watch:


Chanel little black jacket:

Skinny J Brand's:

Maybe someday, I'll have enough money in my piggy bank to buy just one of these dream pieces... or maybe not!

What would be your perfect designer wardrobe staple? 
Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 1 August 2013

My time away

Yet again I must start a blog post with these words - I'm back! After a week in London on my NCS scheme I am once again back home, although similarly to last time, only for a very short period before I head off to Devon tomorrow. A few people asked me to post some pictures of my time away and who am I to argue? So, here are a few of my snaps from both Wales and London to give you all a little insight into my life for the past two weeks. 

Just a warning, this post is very selfie heavy! 

Hope and I

Danny, Brenya, Reiss, Hope and I

Hollie, Meg, Emma, Kayleigh, Hope, Kels, and I 

Kels and I

Megan and I

kayleigh, Hollie and I

I hope you all had an amazing week like I did! 
Bethany Paige X