Thursday, 26 February 2015

February Favourites

February has been a good month. A very good month indeed. Valentines day, my 18th birthday (finally) and a lovely week off from school all combined to make something altogether rather wonderful. Mainly, February has been so good because I've been able to spend it with the people that I love. But a few other things also played their part in adding a little bit of extra sparkle. 

Victoria's Secret perfumes are divine. I do not tell a lie when I say that they are sent from the heavenly realms to bless our earth. I already have "Forbidden" which is easily my favourite perfume ever, but I was lucky enough to add Coconut Passion to my collection this month. I have my two best friends Kels and Maria to thank for this beauty that I got as part of an amazing birthday gift! It's not a serious scent (does that make sense?) just the kind of thing you spritz on before a day out shopping or at school.

A good month and late nights go hand in hand. And with late nights come dark circles. In my case at least. So the Nip and Fab CC Eye Fix has literally saved me lately. I'm not too sure whether it's meant to work as a concealer, but it certainly does for me. I have it in the shade medium and not only does it hide all signs of a heavy night but it also moisturises too. 

I've actually had my Pandora bracelet since my 16th birthday but only recently have I got really into wearing it. And I mean really into wearing it. It's got to the point where if I don't have it on one day it feels a little odd. I think the main reason that I've become so obsessed is because I acquired four charms in a very short time span, which filled it out a bit and gave it the look I wanted. I got a little silver car charm for passing my driving test last month, an 18 charm on my birthday, plus the two beauties pictured above! On Valentine's my boyfriend gave me the flower (get it? Because boys usually give girls a bunch of flowers on V-Day?) and then he was lovely enough to also give me the beautiful dark blue one with silver stars for my birthday. Both are absolutely stunning. I'm a very lucky girl. 

It's basically customary to post some kind of Lush product in my monthly favourites! In February I've been loving The Comforter Bubble Bar. I always go for the sweet scents at Lush and this is no exception. It produces a tonne of bubbles with just a tiny amount too! I break off a small piece every time I have a bath (I must have used it at least 5 times) and I still have quite a substantial amount remaining. If you like to smell like a sweet shop, this is the one for you.

This one was a tad hard to picture so I had to find something to represent it - Audio Books! In particular Russell Brand's "Revolution". I got it for free on Audible using one of those YouTube links that every beauty guru seems to give their viewers. The book is both thought provoking and hilarious, and as much as I would love to give a synopsis I don't think anybody except Mr Brand himself can explain his ideas. Just read/listen to it. 

I got a MacBook Pro! And it is glorious. Glorious! It truly has made my life, in terms of school especially, a whole lot easier. It's so slick. That probably doesn't make sense but the way it runs is just slick. I've also been rather obsessed with using the app "Wunderlist" and connecting it between my phone and laptop, to have an electronic to-do list with me at all times. My productivity levels have been at an all time high. Did I say my MacBook was glorious?

Last and most definitely not least is my Blend-Active. My dad bought me this bad boy as part of my birthday present, as well as a gorgeous watch that warrants its own blog post! I'm obsessed with smoothies and "health foods" recently (shout out also to almond butter, another recent favourite). The Blend-Active just makes the whole smoothie process a lot less hassle and a lot less messy. It's my dream come true! My favourite smoothie this week has been frozen blueberry, almond butter, banana and spinach.

I hope you all had as wonderful a month as me!

Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Tibi A/W 2015

If there's one way in which my wardrobe has changed over the past year or so, it has simplified. Not only has it shrunk, but embellishments are almost all gone and cuts are usually sleek yet oversized. Opulence just doesn't inspire me anymore. I think it's probably this adoration of minimal designs that made me fall so deeply in love with the Tibi A/W 2015 collection that debuted at NYFW.


Whilst the designs are undeniably minimal, Amy Smilovic managed to incorporate cozy textures in with the simple tones and shapes. Which makes it a whole lot easier for a lover of all things sleek to keep warm in the winter. And I for one am not going to complain about thick knits and fur linings! Not only that, but the colour palette is my idea of perfection. Greys, blacks, navy and the occasional pale hue mean that nothing detracts from the beautiful cuts of the pieces. I'm not so sure bare legs would be suitable for winter in snowy kent, but who said fashion shows have to be completely realistic?

Bethany Paige X

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Be mine

Valentine's dressing is all about red, silk and pretty touches for me. Well, actually, this year it's all about aprons, ties and perhaps pasta stain details since I'm working. But if I was lucky enough to be going out for dinner or spending the day in with my boyfriend, I probably would dress in something a tad more sophisticated! Maybe a pair of heels in place of my black tennis shoes.

Despite the fact that I will be serving loved up couples throughout the evening, I can at least dream about the outfits I would wear if that wasn't the case, right?

Deep V bodycon dress - £9 (!) Topshop // Snake-effect heels - £46 Topshop // Faux fur clutch- £35 ASOS // Half moon necklace - £16 Topshop 

Sweet dreams PJ set - £22 Topshop // heart socks - £3.50 Topshop // Applique vine lingerie set - £24 // OPI nail varnish - £11.50 

Crepe Bralet by boutique - £45 Topshop // Crinkle maxi skirt - £20 Topshop // Black clutch by Whistles - £40 ASOS // River Island cleated boots - £31 ASOS // Black varnish - L'Oreal //

Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Wishlist: our third Birthday and my eighteenth

Fist things first, I'm back! After my hiatus which I've spent regaining my writing mojo and gathering inspiration, I am officially back on my blogging game. I can't even tell you all how excited I am to be talking to you again. I've also decided that from now on, in order to stay on top of my studies, I will be doing about one post a week. Well, that's the plan at least. Knowing me, I'll end up being unable to contain myself and will go back to posting every other day. I guess we'll see.

More importantly though - It's Paige of Fashion's third birthday today! I can practically hear you all turning up the music and letting off party poppers through my laptop screen. Seriously though, this is a huge moment for me. I'll be honest, when I started blogging I would never had thought it would last long. Especially not three whole years. But Paige of Fashion is like my baby and I feel as though it has grown with me throughout the time I've been in the blogging universe. So, a massive thank you to those of you that have been reading since day one, and those of you that have joined me recently.

On the topic of birthdays, not only is my little corner of the internet three this month, but I turn 18! You can all mark the date in your calendars - The 16th. I thought that for my first post back I would do my favourite kind of post, a wishlist!

1. Naked 3 palette // 2. Michael Kors Selma bag in Grey - £315 at House of Fraser //  
3. Marc Jacobs Daisy - £55 at House of Fraser //  4. Spike necklace - £35 at Topshop // 
5. Ralph for Women - £54 at Debenhams // 
6. Eleanor and Park book - £6.39 at Waterstones 

Of course I'm not really imagining I'll get a Michael Kors bag... but a girl can dream! 

Bethany Paige X