Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A beautiful year and more beauty to come

2013 has been one hell of a year. Without the slightest hesitation, I would say that it has been the most beautiful year of my life as well as a huge learning curve. I wanted to avoid the kind of clich├ęs that NYE posts often bring, but I can't help but feeling as though this year I have really found myself. 

A lot has happened. I finished my GCSEs and moved up to Sixth Form, made some new friends and kept the old ones that still mean the absolute world to me. I've learned even more just how much my family mean to me and how important it is to cherish them while you can. I had the most amazing summer of my life which will remain forever in my memory. My love for writing has grown when I didn't realise that was even possible because I loved it so much already. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I've let myself dream more freely and I've realised that people who don't understand why you do what you love, are not worth knowing.

The circumstances that 2013 bought with it have changed me a lot and I believe that change was for the better, although it's not something that I planned. I'm sure that 2014 also has a lot in store for me and I'm optimistic that I will make it an amazing year. 

In preparation for the beautiful memories that 2014 and I are going to create together, I made a few things that will keep me smiling and help me to remain utterly in love with life. 

My "Beautiful moments: 2014" jar is something inspired by my internet travels. The idea is that every time something nice happens this coming year, whether it be success of some kind, a day out with wonderful people doing wonderful things or anything that makes me smile, I will write it down and put it in the jar. This time next year I have no doubt that it will be bursting with beautiful moments, which I can read over and realise just how amazing the year has been, despite how it may feel at some points. 

I'm not a big fan of normal New Year's resolutions and the idea that a New Year should bring a new you. However, I do like the idea of setting some achievable aspirations out so that as the year begins I can start finding out more and more about myself. That's why I created this list of little things I want to do at some point or throughout 2014. They range from regarding education and making people smile through to things that I just want to experience and I have no intention of doing anything but achieving each and every one of them! 

You may also have realised that I've given my blog a bit of a re-vamp in time for 2014. I think that this design is a lot more personal and individual to me and I simply adore it. Plus, who doesn't love to see flowers growing? 

I think that as the year is coming to a close I have nothing more to say than thank you to everyone who has made 2013 so special! I hope you have wonderful times celebrating the start of 2014 and that it's beautiful for each one of you throughout, because you all deserve it. 

Bethany Paige X

Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas giveaway winner

As you probably remember, at the beginning of the month I launched a festive giveaway full to the brim with stylish prizes as a big thank you to all of my followers for everything you've done this year! I'm happy to say that lots of you entered for the chance to win a mixture of Bumble and Bumble, Batiste and Rituals products, some funky socks plus a few extra surprises. As I said in the original post, I wish I could give each and every one of you a gift and a big ol' hug, but unfortunately I can afford neither the postage fee nor the cost to fly all over the world to meet you! Still, I was able to pick one of you at random as my Christmas Giveaway winner.

Congratulations Emily, I'll be in contact shortly!

If you didn't win, never fear! I've got plenty of giveaways planned for 2014, so just keep your eyes peeled.

Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 29 December 2013

An addiction to gold

I always seem to be drawn to gold. When faced with a selection of jewellery my fingers naturally sway towards the gold - in terms of colour not necessarily the metal type - and away from the silver, which very rarely makes an appearance in my shopping basket. Recently though, my obsession has kicked up a gear! Thanks to Christmas and the sales that it brings with it, over just the past week I've somehow acquired 5 gold pieces. But they're not all rings!

Firstly, I have my new pride and joy - a Michael Kors rose gold watch. This beauty was an extremely generous Christmas gift and one that I am beyond grateful for. I've always wanted a Michael Kors watch, as you all probably know, so opening this on the 25th caused quite a large amount of girly screaming! It's just so perfect. No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of it!

H&M £2

I hit the sales on the day after boxing day, as per usual, and H&M facilitated my need for gold jewellery perfectly. For £2 I got this adorable necklace, with raw gold style blocks on a dainty chain. It's relatively small in comparison to my usual choice of chunky jewellery, but it's anything but boring. I think it's the kind of piece that can be worn with almost anything due to its simplicity yet will still add interest to a plain outfit. 

H&M £1

I got this thick gold bracelet as a piece to wear with the gold chain that I also bought from H&M last year. I've had my eye out for one similar but for some reason never got around to making the purchase. So, when I saw this beauty for £1 I just couldn't resist.

H&M £2

I have worn this solidly for the past three days! I think the main reason for such an adoration is its stylish simplicity. It's not garish but it's also not too delicate which makes it my dream ring and extremely wearable. The ring actually came in a pack of two with a silver version as well, however I doubt that it will be worn anywhere near as often as this one.

H&M £1

Finally, I got this chain style ring. It was also £1 and I have no more of an explanation for its purchase except the fact that it thought it was pretty!

Is there such thing as an addiction to gold?
Bethany Paige X

Thursday, 26 December 2013

OOTDs: Festive style

Christmas isn't over yet. I refuse to admit it. In fact, I plan on stretching it out into the foreseeable future, since it is my favourite time of the year! And this year in particular has been extra special. As well as receiving some absolutely spectacular gifts, which I will be posting about later, everybody loved the presents I gave them and most importantly, I got to spend the period with my family. Of course, it also gave me the opportunity to dress up a little which can mean only one thing to a fashion blogger - OOTDs! 

Christmas Eve: 

Scrunchie - unknown, necklace/earring set - Topshop advent calendar, 
jumper - thrift shop, dress - Primark, boots - H&M

I spent most of Christmas Eve indoors with my family, but instead of wearing my usual PJs all day, I thought I would add some festive style to a laid back look. It seemed only right to wear this oversized red jumper at some point over the season and paired with my tartan scrunchie, I don't think the outfit could be more Christmassy. I had to drag the outfit a little further away from the realms of what a 10 year old me would have worn at Christmas though, so I added on my jersey grey dress and chunky monster boots! Thick black tights kept me even more toasty and I finished the look with my simple diamond chain and earrings from my fabulous Topshop advent calendar.

Christmas Day: 

Dress - New Look, shoes - Primark, lipstick - Elizabeth Arden in Sultry

For Christmas Day I stepped up my game and went for a less laid back style. As you can see, it gave me the opportunity to wear this gorgeous tapestry skater dress that was bought especially for the occasion. It fits beautiful and the print is just a dream. I am in love! Keeping it as the main focus, I paired it with plain black pumps and thick tights. Obviously, me being me I couldn't keep the outfit too formal so I also added on some deep red/purple lipstick and my usual out of control mane of curls remained! 

I hope you all had beautiful Christmas periods too, and if you have some festive OOTDs up then feel free to comment your links bellow. I would love to see! 
Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mini makeup and accessories haul

I was recently lucky enough to receive a £10 Amazon voucher for "achievement in the study of Drama throughout year 11". As you can imagine, I logged on to my account on the same day that I won the voucher and spent all of it at once on pretty things! And pretty things always warrant a new blog post. 

The first item that landed in my Amazon basket is this simply divine Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Sultry - an extremely deep red bordering on purple. I've been after a shade like this since probably the beginning of the year but somehow I've managed to withstand from purchasing one. Until now, obviously. Apart from the beautiful colour, the price made it absolutely irresistible. It came to a tiny £3 because it's actually a tester that would usually be sold to shops to use on display. You can't really complain when it's the same lipstick just without the fancy lid and with a plastic one instead!

If you follow me on Instagram (@paigeoffashion) then you will have seen this hat before. Several times. Since the first time I saw it on twitter I've been absolutely obsessed - that kind of fashion obsession that means you lay in bed at night creating outfits around it. Well, I finally had the opportunity to get my hands on one and, of course, didn't pass it up. No doubt this will feature in an OOTD fairly soon, because I'm simply in love.

Until this week, I'm ashamed to say, my eyebrows have been pretty neglected. Apart from keeping them in shape through plucking, my makeup regime has not included my eyebrows whatsoever. I have finally purchased an eyebrow bar though and it is amazing considering it cost me just £2. It contained 4 different eyebrow colours, an eyebrow brush, a makeup brush and stencils. It's my new addiction.
This was kind of just a basket filler so that I had used the whole voucher and didn't leave a silly amount of money on it by the end of my shopping, since it was £1. I've never really seen an eyeliner like this - and that's saying a lot considering my status as an eyeliner addict - but it's amazing. It's soft enough to glide onto the lid and the thickness is great for creating flicks. I'm not quite sure how it will be once the end has become blunt though, because I doubt you can sharpen it. 

Not bad for £10, right? 

Bethany Paige X

Friday, 20 December 2013

2013: The Year of The Cyrus

I wonder what people will think of, in 20 years time, when they hear "2013". The birth of the Royal Baby and North West, the return of Gaga and the introduction of Robin Thicke with that song plus numerous twitter trends that can be described as nothing but insane, to name just a few will probably stand out. For me though, there is but one person - and her tongue - that will forever remain in the 2013 spotlight. Miley Cyrus.

Yes, 2013 saw Miley Cyrus develop from being a certain loveable teenage TV character, into a scantly clad, party loving individual who has the ability to cause controversy like no other with a simple post on Instagram. She's not exactly been a rarity among the style columns either, regularly being critiqued on her fashion choices. Of course, certain VMA outfits are most prominent in all of our memories, but she's had her style successes too. They've just been, shall we say "overshadowed"?

The Good...

Granted, the hairstyles may not be all that (yes, Met Ball outfit I'm talking to you), but it's undeniable that Miles has shown us her style credentials this year. Within these looks, she manages to retain her now trademark craziness, without going overboard. She pairs kooky pieces like her duo "Mom jeans", cropped Mickey Mouse jumper and insanely short leather skirt, with chicer items like the bright white heels, A-line midi skirt and metallic accessories. Even whilst going all out - because I doubt you see many people wearing a money print skirt and top set - Miley keeps her jewellery to a minimum of basic gold chains. Plus, her short hair makes the look even more desirably urban. Cyrus circa 2011 certainly couldn't have pulled it off!

The bad and the ugly...

I know you can't stop Miley, but how I wish you would. 

These are some of her more memorable looks of the year to say the least, and it's not really hard to see why. I just can't comprehend them. Why does she need an obscenely large Chanel bag during a performance, what could she possibly be carrying? Why are the faces of The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac wrapped around her body? And more worryingly, why is such an item paired with thigh high, bordering on hypnotic boots? These are the questions that will continue to plague me. 

In fact, her furry mouse leotard (there's a phrase I never thought I would use) is possibly the least revealing of all her insane looks. But she ripped it off to reveal flesh tone PVC underwear soon enough, so I'm not sure whether that counts. Probably not. 

It's not hard to see why Miss Cyrus has been causing waves in the fashion world when on one side she manages to make a Marc Jocbs net dress look simply stylish, whilst on the other her white net dress looks more like something she would purchase in Anne Summers. Or maybe a cheaper, less classy version of Anne Summers. But hey, I guess she's just being Miley, and that's kind of why we love her. 

Bethany Paige X

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas for the one who...

We are well and truly into December now. That means that for most of you, trees will be up, the sound of Slade will be filling your house and quite a few mince pies will have been consumed already whilst wrapping gifts and writing cards. At least, I hope it's not just me! Plus, if you're anything like me - which most of you will be if you're fellow fashion bloggers - you've already thought about what you will be wearing over the festive period.

Christmas day is always a tricky one. Whether you want to go full on glamour and sparkle brighter than your tree or stay nice and cosy whilst the weather is the opposite, is quite the clothing conundrum. Either way, I try to make whatever I wear on the 25th of December extra special, because it's my favourite time of the year!

I'm not sure what I'll be wearing for certain yet, despite the numerous ideas bubbling away in my fashion loving brain, but I thought it would be nice to create a few festive outfit ideas for every kind of Christmas person.

Topshop: shirt - £25, socks - £10, shorts - £12, headband - £10 

Nasty Gal: Dress- $68 
Topshop: Necklace - £16.50, midi ring - £5.50, shoes - £65 

Topshop: Skirt - £50, top - £35,  shoes - £65, lipstick in ruthless - £8

Topshop: Coat - £79, boots - £88, jeans - £60, jacket - £350, scarf - £14, sweater - £29

Which is your favourite outfit? 
Bethany Paige X

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Giveaway

Since it is The 1st of December –the season of giving and all that - I thought a festive giveaway would be the perfect way to start the Christmas blogging period! After all, I couldn’t leave my favourite people off my present buying list, now could I? As much as I would love to give you all a gift, unfortunately my teenage budget doesn't quite stretch that far! So, one of you lovely people will be lucky enough to win all of the bellow, plus a few extra surprises to make it that little bit more special. Even I'm a jealous of the future winner!

Consider it a big Christmassy thank you for being so wonderful this year.

You could win...
Blue sparkly ankle socks with a lace frill 
Graphic flower print ankle socks 
Adjustable cross two finger ring 
Matte nail varnish top coat 
“Twist and out” artificial nail remover pot
Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo
Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray
Rituals fortune scrub 
Plus a few extra surprises

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will end on Christmas day and I will get in contact with the winner shortly after that. It is open to UK residents only. Good luck to each and every one of you.

Just call me Father Christmas!
Bethany Paige X