Saturday, 11 February 2012

High end or high street:

Don’t get me wrong, I love designer clothes and would happily buy a wardrobe full of Gucci if I was a billionaire… but I’m not, unfortunately. Equally, though, I adore the high street and think that anybody can achieve high end style with a price tag that doesn’t have six digits. In my past two blogs the five outfits that I’ve created have been designer, but that doesn’t mean in any way that the same trends can’t be created on a lower budget. More often than not designer style spreads to the high street anyway, which is great news for me.
To prove my point I’ve created three outfits based on the three trends that I covered previously, rock star, pastels and shine, all using clothes from high street shops. Here it goes…
I wanna be a rockstar:

Pastel perfect:
Shine a light on her:

So there you go, a much cheaper way of styling your way through this season. Hope you all like the outfits.
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x
If you're thinking about buying anything from the the post above here’s the stock-list:
I wanna be a rockstar:
Topshop MOTO Wet Look Coated Skinny Jeans were £40.00 Now £25.00,Topshop WILLOW Wedge Zip Front Boots £85.00, newlook Gold Pyramid Cuff Bracelet £4.99, Miss Selfridge Kiss Tank £24.00, topshop Premium Spike Cross Studs £18.50, topshop Cobra Ring £10.00, Topshop Chunky Chain Multirow Necklace £14.00, black nails inc. £8
Pastel perfect:
Topshop Chino Trousers £28.00, Miss selfridge Floral Open Back Shirt £30.00, Miss Selfridge Coral Shawl Collar Blazer £40.00, Newlook Dazzle Patent Brogues £19.99, Miss Selfridge Turquoise Spot Sock £3.00, Newlook Colour Block Across the Body Bag £12.99, Miss Selfridge Multi pastel flower ring £8.50, Barry M nail varnish £3.
Shine a light on her:
Next Metallic Gold Skinny Jeans £40.00,Topshop Slinky Metallic Racer Vest £22.00, Dorothy Perkins Black sleeveless jacket £35.00, Newlook Black Zip Wedge Shoe Boot £19.99, Black nails inc. nail varnish £8.
(All outfits were created using ASOS fashion finder)

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  1. OMG KAY the 'I wanna be a rock star' one is PERFECT for Daisy!! don't you think OMG I'M A GENIUS :PPPPPPPPPPPPP YEY!