Thursday, 27 December 2012

Sale rail

Did anyone else see the news reports on this year's record breaking Boxing Day sales? Well, although I didn't fancy fighting the crowds to the same extent as the those shoppers, I did hit the sales today with my friends and my Christmas money. It's become a sort of annual tradition, the day after boxing day I head off to Bluewater shopping centre in search of some bargains.

I was surprised with the result of this year's trip. In previous years I've come home with numerous bags filled to the brim, however, today I had only one, although rather large, bag. This particular bag was from H&M. I have to say that I don't think I've given H&M the fashion credit they deserve, in fact I've never been a big fan at all. That is, until today. I bought 3 main items, and am absolutely, without a doubt, in love with each and every one! Not only that, but the sale reductions were immense, and even the non-sale pieces I bought were very reasonably priced, as well as stylish. I had a £20 gift card given to me for Christmas too, which was a bonus when it came to the check out.

Here are my purchases:

PVC and cotton midi pencil skirt:

I saw this skirt whilst out Christmas shopping and just fell in love. Luckily for me it was in store today and for just £7. What a bargain! The front of the skirt is thick shiny PVC-like material and the back is a plain black cotton. It finishes just bellow the knee, which is currently my favourite skirt length. It's also really versatile, much like a normal black pencil skirt, but well, shinier!

Metallic silver oversized clutch:

 Another shiny item here, my new oversized clutch. It's studded along the bottom and has a bright pink zip and trim. It's slightly bigger than A4 and can fit probably the majority of my makeup collection! I've wanted an oversized clutch for a while now, and so the futuristic feel of this one pulled me in. And the best part is, it was only £2 in the sale!

Chunky black heeled ankle boots:

This was my most expensive purchase of the day at £29.99, but just look at them! I think I have a bit of a soft spot for black heels in my heart. When I think about it, I've spent quite a hefty sum of money on just black boots these past few months - Lita boots, Chelsea boots and now these beauties. Either way, I know I'll wear them all the time. They have silver zips on both sides and quilt detailing on the fronts. I also love the fact that the heels are so chunky, they're almost industrial! I can't even explain how excited about these gorgeous boots I am.
Expect outfit posts using these new pieces very soon. Let me know what you think, which is your favourite of my purchases?
Thanks for reading,
Bethany Paige X