Thursday, 30 May 2013

Get your ne-on

For years the word "neon" has sent shivers down my neutral clothing clad body. It's forced images of painfully pink tutus to swirl through my brain, with the memory of a time when a 12 year old Bethany went to an ice skating party wearing one. There was a point when it was considered "well cool" to wear such skirts and "geek glasses" (3D film glasses with the plastic pushed out) and it's an unfortunate truth that I seemed to fall in love with the fad! After later learning the somewhat disturbing error of my ways however, the idea of such shocking colours left a bad taste in my mouth.

Even last summer I refused to head in that direction. The neon nerve still all too raw, I steered towards the pastle colours of Louis Vuitton and Chanel and only occasionally into the rehlms of anything brighter than a pale hue. It was all rather reserved. After my 4 year intermission period, when I noted the reappearance of neons on the fashion scene, you'd assume I wouldn't be all too impressed. I'd assume so too. For some reason though, the collision of high fashion with my childhood regret has had quite the opposite effect on me. I can't be too sure, but I think I may be falling in love with neons.

This season has seen the sports luxe side of neons take the lead. Sheer white panelling over bright oranges at Stella McCartney, bright green patent trims at David Koma and a nod to the style with the visor floppy hats in greens and yellows at Chalayan. And not a single tutu in sight.

Stella McCartney:

David Koma:




Gone are the days when neon meant questionable leg warmers over ice skates and rainbow coloured net elasticated around waits. The negative connotations I personally attached to the word have but evaporated into a bright mist of sophisticated, sports inspired beauty, with a rather infectious effect. This summer I will be replacing the ice cream shade of 2012 with the less coy colours of S/S 2013.

How are you going to style neons this summer?

Bethany Paige X


  1. I'm loving neons for summer! I really want to try wearing some more neon clothes, this post has given me lots of inspiration!
    Laura xx

  2. Great image picks! We can't get enough of neon either... We'll have a lot on our site in a few weeks!

    Team Bijoux Bazaar

    1. Thanks! I'll check it out at some point soon xx