Friday, 17 October 2014

Alexander Wang X H&M

H&M love a good collaboration collection, don't they? From Madonna to Minogue and Cavalli to Comme des Garcons, the Swedish fashion giant simply can't resist the chance to work some fashion magic with a stylish celeb or a design house. Of all the collections though, Alexander Wang for H&M has to be the one that I've been most excited for. And that's saying a lot considering they worked with Isabel Marant last year! 

Wang just has a way with simplicity. He's all about minimal colour pallets, beautiful cuts and a high fashion sporty aesthetic. Even when I wouldn't necessarily wear his designs, I certainly don't mind spending hours staring at their beauty! The same can be said for Wang's H&M collaboration. Obviously there's plenty of pieces I would adore to have hanging in my wardrobe (that cropped jumper and all of the bralets), but some of it is a bit more of a novelty that I take pleasure in just looking at. To be honest I'm just not sure I could pull off boxing gloves at the supermarket! 

Bethany Paige X


  1. AWHH man I LOVE IT, some definitely is novelty but I wish I had the balls to take it on board haha xxx


  2. LOVE the collection so so much, can't wait until it comes out- fave pievce is the coat and sweatshirt x
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