Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh so dreamy...

You’d be surprised just how many times I’ve seen women, and men come to think of it, walking around in pyjamas in the middle of the day, and worse still, in the middle of town. The first of these encounters was with a young-ish woman in my local supermarket. She was wearing a pair of pink silk PJs and a pair of gold Ugg style slippers with no jacket as an attempt to disguise her choice in clothing. I was shocked; horrified even when I saw her so shamelessly walking through the aisles wearing what is clearly night wear at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Literally two weeks later I saw a man walking down the street in flannel pyjamas and a dressing gown at around 10am, I can only hope – without trying to sound mean- that he had got locked out of his house whilst fetching the milk from his door step. Not once did I think whilst looking at these two examples that they could have actually spotted a S/S12 trend very far in advance. Maybe they weren't just lazy, but extremely intuitive. I doubt it, but my point is: Pyjama suits are becoming a fashionista’s clothing item of choice.

Rihanna made the bold decision of a blue and gold silk pyjama suit for the premier of her new film “Battle ships”. The outfit certainly was controversial, as those of you who try to keep up with the fashion world will know. Some were saying she was “oh-so-stylish” and others just saying “oh no”. I personally think she looked amazing, and that got me thinking about whether this pyjama trend was such a bad thing after all. It seems the key to it is to not look like you’re actually going to bed. Sounds odd, yes, considering they are pyjamas, but trust me. 

How to wear:

1. Pyjama perfect.
Find yourself a pyjama suit that is absolutely stunning. If you can, opt for the designer options like Louis Vuitton but if you need something a little less pricey Oasis and H&M are also beautiful.

2.       No slippers aloud.
This look needs a pair of skyscraper heels to avoid looking more “sleep” and less “chic”.

3.       Killer clutch.
An oversized clutch is a wonderful addition to the look and will make you feel even more fashionable sporting the S/S12 bag. 

4.       Bed head.
Hair needs to be well groomed and preferably short or in an up-do with this look. Shine sprays and finishing balms are a requirement!

5.       Confidence.
Most importantly you need to be confident that you look great, otherwise you’ll feel ridiculous all day. 

Follow my tips and you’ll look simply dreamy!

Thanks for reading guys.

Bethany Paige x 


If you're thinking about buying anything from the the post above here’s the stock-list

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Blue large print trousers £65, White and blue pyjama blouse £60, both Oasis

Yellow and white daisy Trousers H&M £29.99

Pink Beth Kurt Geiger London £225.00

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