Thursday, 26 April 2012

Out of this world!

Just take a look at these stunning wedges –

Aren’t they the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen? Yes. Yes they are. These are a pair of $199.00 Nebula Galaxy star print wedges, hand painted (that’s right- hand painted) and custom made in Paris. When I say custom made, I mean pretty much every last detail can be altered if you request for it. Not that I see any reason for them to be edited! Each pair takes 2-3 three weeks to make, proof of the quality, and is finished with a matt varnish as protection from everyday weather. Now if these booties were in my shoe draw, I would be over the moon.

Christopher Kane inspired galaxy print really is taking off, with high-street brands producing some absolutely gorgeous clothes using it. Consider it a micro-trend for this summer.

Christopher Kane - 

The best of the rest - 

(Jeffery Campbell) 




So gorgeous! 

Thanks for reading guys, 

Bethany Paige X 


  1. Haha your headline is wayyy better than mine. I actually used that once in reference to something space themed! Mine kinda sucks now lol. I like your post! Now I feel late. I've been fawning over galaxy prints for a minute. Thanks for the love!

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  3. Also about the shoes...