Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Clothes are the best motivator

As far as fitness is concerned I'm rather lacking. Apart from my daily walk home from school and PE lessons it's extremely rare for me to go out of my way to exercise purely because I don't have the motivation! I go through phases lasting a couple of days where I'll do some squats and jogging on the spot for a few minutes as a futile attempt to get more fit, but it never lasts very long. Any attempts at running turn to jogging and then walking within mere minutes. In fact my fitness levels are quite laughable. However, it seems as though I've finally found my exercise drive. I'm not sure why I didn't see it before - clothes!

About a week ago I got given a bag of clothes that someone didn't want anymore for me to look through and sift out gems to add to my wardrobe. Among jeans in the wrong size and some questionable shirts I found a few baggy T-shirts, the kind that look great with high waited shorts, one of which said "Keep running". It's by Karrimor and is obviously a work out top with that amazing breathable fabric lining its inside. It was also brand new with all of the labels still attached, so I thought it was only right to snap it up! Surprisingly once I put it on I felt the undying urge to get active in some way, perhaps because it's more than a little hypocritical to wear the top whilst lounging on the sofa. So I did. I donned my barely used running trainers and shorts and went for the most successful run I've ever had. Since then I've been exercising each day and it's been great. Honestly, exercise has been fun!

I think my sudden ability to be physically active is mainly due to the use of some rather stylish fitness wear. Maybe it sounds strange to but over the past few days it's become apparent to me that the difference in exercising in baggy track suits and worn trainers against exercising in new sports shorts and running shoes is truly huge. Quite simply, when I look good working out, I feel good too! Suddenly it's become clear why people spend so much money on clothes for the gym, and I'm finding myself lusting after trainers of all things. Now that's a first.

Nike dual fusion - £60 (JD Sports)

Nike C72 legend 2.0 duffel bag £35

Nike cyclon running jacket -£80

Nike dri fit knit long sleeved top £40

Nike icon printed woven two in one shorts £28

Nike sphere bomber £70

Nike Tempo track 9cm shorts £18

Don't worry, Paige of Fashion isn't going to become "Paige of fitness", I just thought I'd share with you my latest style musings which happen to be surrounding exercise. Do any of you feel it easier to complete a work out whilst wearing certain things?

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige x

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