Saturday, 2 March 2013

Scrunch it

90s hair has somewhat of a bad reputation. Among "the Rachel" and huge perms left over from the previous decade, was a hair accessory that still today seems to cause obscene amounts of controversy within the world of fashion.The scrunchie - A simple band of elastic surrounded by fabric that somehow encases a wealth of what I can only imagine must be horrific style memories. The mere mention of the S word seems to send shudders down the spines of anyone above the age of about 25. They witnessed the scrunchie first hand before its more recent revival, and it appears that the experience has left a not so stylish scar.

It seems over the past few seasons that British fashion has developed the tendency to rehash 90s trends. However, predicting the revival of the scrunchie, thought to have died with the decade, is something even the biggest fashionistas couldn't have been successful in doing. When this particular hair accessory is spotted on S/S13 catwalks though, the fashion world pauses and takes note. When the undeniably cool likes of Cara Delevingne wears one, the fashion world stops entirely and reevaluates their previous dismissal of the scrunchie. 

Even with possibly the biggest model of the moment sporting a scrunchie, some aren't convinced to say the least. "The scrunchie is back" usually prompts a chorus of "NO, not this time" from women remembering teen years spent wearing them. Personally though I don't see what the fuss is about. What really is so bad about the scrunchie? They seem to bring an air of fun to fashion. Apart from the fact that they don't hack your hair out in the same way as normal bands, the designs available make them a valuable accessory to own. Colours and prints can be matched or contrasted with your outfits to pull them together. One has to question whether the negative stigma attached to the scrunchie has somewhat fogged the vision of it this time around for many. 

Of course certain styling tips do have to be followed. Firstly, dead straight and perfectly preened hair is not acceptable in this situation, big messy buns and curly ponytails however are. Secondly, please avoid neon colours and wearing more than one at a time. That's all, the rest is up to you to decide dependent on your mood and your outfit. The opportunities are endless. Even if we do look back in 15 years and wonder what on earth we were thinking, at least it will give us something to laugh about. Plus, as a very wise man once said "fashion is made to become unfashionable". 

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