Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Creating a space

Without inspiration I think it's true to say that great human life would be somewhat non-existent. The thinkers and writers and inventors of our generation and the generations before us would've merely woken up and striven in no way to reach the extraordinary within their minds. Quite a dismal thought, isn't it? Luckily though we aren't forced to live in such a dull and frankly depressing world because inspiration is everywhere! Depending on the person inspiration can come in the form of the sky, the sea, a fashion magazine, a browse through Tumblr, a chat with a close friend or walks through town. I think that if you look close enough, truly anything can provide the most amazing amounts of though provoking beauty. 

Personally,  I find my inspiration in the written word and in fashion (of course). I would happily immerse myself within the pages of novels and magazines for days on end! I think both are just wonderful, so I try to surround myself with them in order to keep inspiration levels high as much of the time as possible. 

Recently my family have moved home and until we complete the house (it's all very "Grand Designs" on a pared down scale) we're staying in one of the smaller buildings on site. When I say small, I mean tiny. My bedroom is barely big enough to fit in my bed and an open bar wardrobe. Squeezing in the weirdness of my mind that I managed to splay over my old room has been somewhat tricky. Size has definitely been a restriction. In my previous, much bigger bedroom, I had a single wall completely covered in fashion quotes and pictures that made me happy and inspired me daily.  

Despite the small space, I thought that it would be foolish not to try and create a little more of myself within the room. Today I set about putting some of my most beautiful things on show so that I could once again feel inspired within the place that I fall asleep, dress and often write blog posts from. The result? A bedroom that feels like mine and sets my mind wandering purely due to personalizing a small shelf.  

I filled the middle shelf with my rather tall pile of magazines (no, that's not even all of them), a few of my favourite fashion and writing books, a note pads that I scrawl in on a regular basis and a piece of my jewelry collection that I'm obsessed with - my H&M gold chain.

On the bottom shelf are three pairs of shoes that I absolutely adore - my river Island flatforms, my H&M heeled hiker boots and my minimal black heels from Primark, which I put there as some inspiration while dressing.

The top shelf is mainly dominated by my jewellery box and mirror which I obviously need to be able to get to easily. I also put my white and pink tassel earrings on show purely because they're too beautiful to pack away and my black Casio style watch because I wear it daily. Finally, there's the book that I'm reading at the moment, "The bell jar" by Sylvia Plath, and my iPhone. 

Perhaps it seems silly but to me that small corner of pretty things that I adore has made a huge difference to how I feel. The room no longer feels claustrophobic. Instead the space feels like a concentrated version of my old bedroom but with a fresher edge. I think I'm beginning to love it. 

Where do you find inspiration? 

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X

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