Saturday, 20 April 2013

I wish I was a punk rocker

The punk fashion movement emerged in the mid 70s, an era clad in baggy tie dye and covered in vast amounts of free flowing hair. A small group of 200 young people pioneered the bizarre and safety pin covered clothing now archetypally associated with punks and managed to fight against the the hippy uniformity that seemed to be growing. Rather fittingly with the high levels of unemployment at the time, the majority of the "punk" image could be created on a shoe string budget, with people buying thrift shop clothing to deconstruct. Perhaps the only high maintenance factor of the image was the Mohawk hair that often made an appearance! The whole look had a simple message - To be unsatisfied with the normal and to create a form of unique expression for one's self whilst maintaining a working class ethic.

With a sound track mainly consisting of bands like The Sex Pistol, the movement thrived even further as Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren co-opened the legendary punk shop "Sex" on Kings Road, London. It became more, although never entirely, normal to see padlocked chains around necks, purposely ripped trousers and Dr martens on self confessed punks. 

It's rather ironic to think that the movement first described as the "anti-fashion urban youth street culture" was the inspiration behind many outfits on the S/S 2013 catwalks. Anti fashion is becoming high fashion. The original idea of self expression and clothes that differ from the normal still resonates loudly among the modern take on punk, but it's blindingly obvious that the pieces aren't for those working with a small budget! Never the less, the collision of 70s individuality and designer quality pieces has left many a fashion lover drooling, me included. Thanks to the likes Christopher Kane, Celine and Balmain this year's Spring time punk has become wearable for the modern day woman



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Christopher Kane:

Which designer do you think encapsulated 70s punk the best?

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  1. I totally feel you! it's such a fun style. I think I'd be too chicken to try and imitate some of these outfits!

    Alexa <3

    1. I love them but some are just a little too out there for me to wear personally haha! Xx