Monday, 15 April 2013

Snakeskin and smooth skin

There's nothing quite like rediscovering a lost shopping voucher. Even more so, there's nothing quite like rediscovering that voucher and it being from one of your favourite shops, in this case H&M. That beautiful moment alone calls for a shopping trip with the girls, wouldn't you say? I certainly think so and that's why last Wednesday I headed over for a mini shopping spree in H&M. Eventually the smell of Lush also managed to draw me in and I ended up leaving with a few bits from there to. I have zero will power when it comes to beautiful smells, they're just irresistible to my nose and I!

Snakeskin H&M hightops: 

The first thing I picked up were these amazing white and grey snakeskin high tops, I fell head over heels for them (excuse the pun)! It was quite a convenient love at first sight moment considering the fact that I don't think I've bought a pair of flats since December 2011. It was about time to invest in a pair of comfortably stylish shoes I think and these certainly fit the bill. Snakeskin is going to be huge this spring/summer and white is going to be right up there with it so these really are the perfect trainer. 

Neon green H&M rope and diamond bracelet:

Bethany loving something neon green?! Well isn't that a shock to the system?... 
Obviously, it's not a shock to the system at all and in fact is perhaps a rather predictable pick after my recent obsession with all things bright at the moment. I can see this looking amazing with my River island sports luxe white skirt in summer.

Gold beetle and blue jewel H&M necklace:

I'm not usually one for bugs and such but when they're covered in gold instead of mud, well that's another story! I adore this necklace, it's so decadent and has the ability to make anything look luxurious. And the price? A total bargain at just £1 in the sale!

Lush tea tree toner tab:

I didn't want to open up the wrapper so unfortunately you only have a picture of the packet and the label to check out today. To give you an idea of what it looks like, it's basically a strong mint! I wanted this to freshen up my skin a little as it's been feeling somewhat lousy of late, I haven't used it yet but hopefully it will do the trick. 

Lush cosmetic warrior fresh face mask:

This stuff is absolutely spectacular for teenage or oil skin. It contains garlic and tea tree (odd I know) which made my skin feel just divine and it didn't smell bad I promise. In fact, the smell is quite relaxing. After about 15 minutes the tone of my skin had evened out and the number of spots I had severely decreased by the next day. Overall a brilliant product. 

Is it possible to be addicted to Lush products? 

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige x

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