Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ladylike extras

If there's one theme that runs solidly through the AW13 collections, it's femininity. From the soft pink colour schemes, to the tailoring perfectly suited to best enhance the female form, everything exerts as sense of ladylike beauty. It's as though the fashion industry have gone very much back to their roots, where anything lacking a nipped in waist in a pristine fabric was entirely unheard of!

Of course, among the belted coats, A-line skirts and crisp shirts, just as important are the ladylike extras. Despite the best efforts of many other accessories, they're all overshadowed by the classically feminine additions that designers such as Tory Burch, Prada and Nina Richie created.

It's arguable that without the feminine finishing touches, the whole concept would fall apart. After all, the trend exudes a sense of composure and without the accessories to complete the look, it wouldn't be very composed at all, would it?

Thankfully, such sumptuously and archetypally female accessories aren't only available on the designer market. Although they do present a "lady of the manor" style glamour, the budget of such a title isn't also required due to the British High street.

Top left to right - £40, £42, £30 all Topshop////Bottom left to right - £21.99 and £17.99, £29.99 Miss selfridge  

Top left to right - £58, £20, £60/// Bottom left to right - £89.99, £59.99, £49.99

  Top left to right - £14, £10, £6.50 All Topshop////Bottom left to right - £45, £10, £10

I hope you all have beautiful weeks,
Bethany Paige X

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