Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Religious education

At least 6  hours of my school week are aimed at studying religion at AS level. It seems however that it will soon be entering yet another important part of my world - fashion! Clothes wrapped in biblical references, classically Christian imagery and the luxurious fabrics associated with church finishes, all make for a rather heavenly trend this A/W.

Consider Dolce and Gabbana as the messiahs of clothing with religious connotations. Their AW collection saw a chain of gold and red clad models, who looked somewhat like they had wrapped themselves in a catholic church. Stain glass windows were transferred to fabrics and tapestries were sewn together to form dresses. Of course, in true D&G style, crowns and deep red lipstick were the only way to complete the decadent parade. 

Undeniably one of the most divine collections of the season, wouldn't you agree?

Bethany Paige X

On another note: My wrist has recovered, so all blogging should be back to normal from now on!

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  1. i really love this! and the whole royalty theme is pretty cool, the red suits them all rather very well