Saturday, 26 October 2013

Unconventional beauty: Lip service

I've said it before and I will most probably say it again: In the world of fashion and beauty, one has to be prepared for anything. It's an industry where it's normal to be abnormal and more often than not it's celebrated. Perhaps that's what makes it such a terrifying prospect to many and yet an utterly intriguing one to others. I've always been a fan of unconventional beauty, so I suppose fashion and I were destined to be firm friends.

That's why when I first saw these fabulous pictures, originally featured in Tush magazine a while back, I was utterly enthralled.

It's undeniable that seeing a man in lipstick isn't really a regular occurrence, especially here in the South East of England. But why that is I'm not too sure. After all, a female rocking shocking red lips wouldn't really be, well, shocking at all! Yet, as a generation we seem to pride ourselves on our ability to be non-judgmental and promote equality regularly.

However, in regards to this spread of pictures, the shock factor probably worked in their favour. The fact that the model used is so extraordinarily not what you would expect has successfully put it in my bank of favourite fashion/beauty images. Something about the delicate lipstick cases held by manly hands and the array of reds and pinks next to such a beard (and it is quite a spectacular beard) make the pictures have that unconventional beauty which I simply adore.

Whether or not Tush started something is questionable, but I truly hope so. Maybe even more pictures will follow suit (and lipstick) and dare to be different.

Bethany Paige X

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