Wednesday, 20 November 2013

OOTD: A love of satin

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for satin. As a child I considered it the fabric of “grown up” women, most probably due to my mother’s fondness of a certain midnight blue satin blouse with pearl affect buttons that she wore, and still occasionally wears, on evenings out with her friends. I never saw a child wearing satin, therefore it must be exclusively for those over the age of 20.

Obviously, as I and my interest in fashion grew, I learnt that satin was not a fabric of such segregation and can in actual fact be worn by any age group. More importantly, it can leave any age group with a outfit that oozes glamorous playfulness.

Recently I bought a beautiful pale yellow dress, with a purple floral print, in possibly the lightest satin known to man (so much so that an underskirt is needed in order to retain ones modesty)! It was one of those love at first sight, impulse bought pieces that you only regret slightly when you get home and realise alterations are needed. Still, I find those are often the best kind. After completing the alterations  - which involved changing it from dress to skirt - it took roughly 30 seconds before I put it on and styled it up!

Here’s the result. I wore this skirt, grey jersey, and black lace ups combo to sixth form earlier this week. And got a fair few compliments, may I add. 

Sweater - Primak, skirt - vintage, shoes - Topshop, bag - vintage

I hope you're all having a lovely week, 
Bethany Paige X

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