Monday, 17 February 2014

My third LFW - Day Four

Today's LFW rightfully belongs to the boys. They, even if only just, in my opinion beat us ladies in the style stakes with a mix of perfectly fitted suits, brightly coloured running shoes and a rather spectacular beard or two. They had outfits stylish enough to leave the most fashion concious f-row females envious. The boys seemed entirely at home in an area perhaps archetypally associated with women, waving the (pure silk, printed and perfectly sewn) flag for the modern day stylish man. I found myself unavoidably drawn to the leather brogues - no doubt more comfortable than the majority of the ladies' footwear choices, including my own - and the way that the Kodaks around their necks seemed to become a fashion statement. Men, I commend you.

Of course, the girls had their highlights too with a fair amount fur, a liberal spread of luxe beanie hats and a mix of scarily thin heels (on those cobbles) alongside chunky trainers. They ranged from absolutely insane to stylish with an undeniable wearability. Layering had its opportunity shine thanks to the bordering on Arctic conditions of Somerset House on this February day. Plus, ladies successfully showcased how to style almost every type of hat known to man, including those beanies as previously mentioned all the way through to felt floppy hats.

As usual, I couldn't resist visiting LFW - my spiritual home - this year to scope out the style that London has to offer and obsessively take pictures of my favourites to show all of you beauties!

Which outfit is your favourite? I must say I'm rather obsessed with that purple suit and the black on black looks in the first picture!

I'm already excited for next season's LFW to swing around, where the battle for best dressed sex can recommence! 

Bethany Paige X 

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