Sunday, 2 February 2014

Not a fashion post

When I meet somebody new, I want to know everything about them. It's a weird compulsion that leaves me with a longing to know the way their mind works, their memories and their favourite things. I love nothing more than listening to somebody talk endlessly about their passions. 

I don't know if anybody shares this obsession with exploring people's minds, but I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one. Such a thought process led me to realise just how little my beautiful followers know about me as a person apart from my fashion preferences! So I decided to dedicate a post to telling you a little bit more about me.

16 things about Beth

I write a lot. When I say a lot, I mean in every spare moment I have a pen is in my hand. One of my favourite things to do is sit in bed at night and write in my journal, plus I've been getting into writing poetry a lot more recently, which you may have spotted if you follow my Instagram. 

My journal 

I went against teacher supervision and chose to take 4 essay based subjects at AS level - History, English Literature, English Language and Religion and Philosophy. Despite the barrage of essays and course work I'm currently facing, I wouldn't change them for the world. The fact that I enjoy them (most of the time at least) makes school a lot more fun. 

 My favourite colour is grey. Close second is probably white and then deep purple. 

Mood board from a few months ago 

My most played songs at the moment are I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend To Dance by Black Kids, If You Got the Money by Jamie T, Last Ones Standing by Example ft Ed Sheeran and Bethamphetamine by Butch Walker. 

I love looking at the stars. I find it very humbling.  

I read. I read a lot. When I'm not writing I'm reading. My favourite books include The Great Gatsby (which I'm also studying in English lit) and The Fault in Our Stars - just like every other teenage girl out there. I'm also quite obsessed with my current reading material - Care Of Wooden Floors.  I seem to have an ever growing pile of books alongside an ever decreasing amount of time to read them in due to the aforementioned barrage of essays and coursework, which is a shame.  

My "to read" pile at the moment

My favourite flowers are pink roses. Unlike what seems to be every girl on the planet, I would rather be given pale pink roses than red ones. Obviously I wouldn't be complaining either way though! 

The blog theme gives it away, doesn't it?

My life revolves around baths (I'm typing this post in the bath on my phone)! Give me bubbles, hot water, some candles and a book or magazine and I will be a very happy bunny. 

Bath essentials - Mango body was (The Body Shop), 
Lush shampoo bair, Lush cosmetic warrior face mask

I believe in angels. 

I love London more than words can express. As soon as I step onto Victoria Station's platform I feel unbelievably inspired. 

I once took part in a powder paint photo shoot. 

My favourite smell is lavender. 

I have complete faith in the power of Karma. There's no point in being bitter and angry when you know somebody's actions will come back to haunt them anyway!

I am obsessed with random quotes. 

I love the summer and am less keen on winter. But I love Christmas and wear factor 50 all throughout the warmer months. It's a twisted kind of logic, I know. 

My lucky number in 16.

Bethany Paige X


  1. follow for follow on Bloglovin? <3

  2. I have the exact same compulsion. I think I tend to freak people out when I first meet them. I like knowing where they've come from and how they came to be where I am; I love meeting someone who you know you'll just connect with from the word go! Great post - loved it!