Friday, 21 November 2014

The segregation of sunglasses

A couple of days ago, as is often the case in the colder months, I was mourning the loss of my summer wardrobe. I miss shorts, crop tops and open shoes terribly. I feel like I've gone through a break up and have rebounded into a relationship that's left me completely unsatisfied! Yes, winter does bring the opportunity for layering (I'm sure you've heard every other fashion blogger shouting about it already) but nothing will beat the carefree approach I can take to dressing in mid August. Most winter mornings I spend more time contemplating whether a scarf is absolutely necessary than I do actually getting dressed. And that's precious time that could be spent still asleep.

So I continue to feebly attempt to bring some kind of sunshine into my daily dressing. Starting with sunglasses. I am taking a stand against the frankly ridiculous notion that sunglasses should be utterly neglected in autumn and winter. The sun doesn't disappear in September! And some of us have eyes that enjoy watering as soon as the clouds clear leaving us a mascara covered mess. So despite the strange looks I will undoubtedly get, I'll no longer be segregating sunnies into my summer wardrobe. 

I may just start my rebellion with a pair of these beauties... 

Quay Athena Sunglasses - £12 ASOS // Quay Invador cat-eye sunglasses - £27 ASOS // Double bridge cat eye sunglasses - £9 ASOS // Posh in Gold - $25 // Willow cut off cat-eye sunglasses - £18 Topshop // 

Bethany Paige X

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