Thursday, 13 November 2014

Thigh highs

I never was a fan of thigh high boots. In fact, I never was a fan of anything longer than an ankle boot for that matter. As far as I was concerned, they were just a tad trashy. Even when pop angel Ariana Grande wore them I wasn't convinced and couldn't help but feel they were a bit much.

Then a few days ago my whole perspective on the thigh high boots matter shifted. And I have La Moda UK (as usual) to blame/thank! These black, suede effect boots have me drooling. Maybe it's the fact that they're not overly high in the heel department, or maybe all of my fashion morals have disintegrated, but I'm officially obsessed with them. It's got to the point where I plan outfits to wear with "my boots" and pretend that they are the most versatile form of footwear known to womankind.

At the moment I'm lusting over the idea of pairing them with a simple shirt dress, a clutch and gold accessories.

Boutique silk shirt dress - £85 Topshop // Leather clutch - £45 Topshop  // Mesh and snake chain necklace - £16.50 Topshop // Sovereign ring set - £12.50 Topshop // Ghetto Superstar suede boots - £34.99 - La Moda UK

Where do you stand on the thigh high boot debate?
Bethany Paige X

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