Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Watch and learn

I'm not sure there's any better accessory than a gold watch. I feel like it can make a boring outfit stand out. It's simple, yet effective. And for my 18th birthday I was lucky enough to get possibly the most gorgeous watch in history from my wonderful Dad. Not only is it gold, but it has a pearl face and in place of the normal numbers are individual diamonds. Unlike previous watches I've had it's relatively dainty, but without being too overly-feminine. We all know I'm not the kind to go for full on girly when it comes to accessories.

Since I had it adjusted (I have weirdly thin wrists) I've worn it every single day. I'm pretty much obsessed.

I thin it's safe to say my Dad knows me very well!

Bethany Paige X

1 comment:

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous especially the pearl face! I always struggle with watches and have to have them adjusted, it's so annoying! I mean obviously I am glad my wrists aren't huge of course but it just means watches become fiddly xx