Sunday, 6 May 2012

Britain has got talent!

It’s Sunday evening and what’s a better way to spend it than watching Britain’s got talent? And of course, not only do I get to watch the acts (“Where’s my keys? Where’s my phone”), but I also have the chance to witness some gorgeous dresses on the female judges. Both Amanda and Alesha look stunning, but I have to say that Alesha’s dress just blew me away. By the looks of it, she’s wearing a Mary Katrantzou dress, and I want one! It’s dropped hem with that beautiful digital flower print that’s so massive right now. She’s also working silver pointed nails with a neon yellow tip, very Rihanna. Well done. Amanda also ticks style boxes with her delicate black lacy dress and black tipped nails.

I was expecting just to write about the judges clothes on this post, but then the super cute Lauren Thalia came on stage and I just had to mention her. She was wearing a pair of topshop print leggings with some white Dr Martins and a studded white leather waist coat. Seriously, how many trends can one 12 year old tick of in the space of a show?!

Analiza Ching makes the violin hot, and I didn’t know that was possible. She was wearing  a jaw dropping black leather studded mini dress and skyscraper heels. The stud detailing is what did it for me, massive trend that was executed perfectly.

Then there’s Rachel Knowland. She has such an edgy look and I adore that she was wearing a cute 20’s style flapper dress, so very Gucci. She managed to show her inner rebel still with a spiked necklace and earrings. Not so sure whether I’m a fan of the yellow heals though, they didn’t quite work for me. 
(Excuse the quality of these photos, I used my mobile to take them!)

I’m way too excited about these clothes, I quite frankly can’t wait for the next show and I'm not too bothered about who wins anymore!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

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  1. hello, thank you for visiting my blog!
    i think if i watch shows, i pay more attention to the clothes than the show itself.
    anyway, great post.

    hope to see u back!

    xo, Carla