Saturday, 5 May 2012

Snapback envy.

Sometimes I like to think that I’m pretty “fly”, but when I’m not kidding myself, it’s safe to say that I’m really not. It’s fine, I’ve come to terms with the fact that there are a few things I can’t pull off, number 1 - using the word “Fly”… Number 2- Gold chains, unless worn ironically, or to a fancy dress party. Number 3 – Snapbacks.  The last of these is the one I most regret not being able to get away with, because when worn right they can be perfection. The most annoying thing though, is that both my closest friend, and my boyfriend, can wear snapbacks and look really cool. My friend today was wearing hers with a denim bomber style jacket, print leggings, and a dark blue t-shirt: so adorable. My boyfriend wore his with a sweater top from H&M, jeans and some high top converse and also looked absolutely amazing. Honestly, they both look so good, whereas when I wear one, I look the opposite. Not that I'm jealous at all! 

I’ll tell you who else looked ridiculously good in a snapback quite recently, Rihanna  –

In fact the whole outfit was pretty hot. Who fancies buying me a Boy London skirt? Or top? Or anything?

I guess it’s time that I move on and get over it, snapbacks and I shall never be tight (Maybe I just learnt another word I don’t get away with using…)  

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

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