Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Britain has got talent ... again!

Once again the female judges on Britain’s Got Talent stepped on stage in some amazing dresses, which warrant a blog post. This time though, I think Amanda Holden is the one that really pulled it out of the bag. Both of the ladies are wearing high-low dresses: very now. Amanda’s is, much like the dress she wore on Sunday evening, a lacy cut out number. I’m loving the fact that the dress has an almost bridal type train to it, so delicate. Not only that but it’s got a hint of yellow that adds a nice flash of colour to the outfit, in addition to the white lace, and flesh tones coming through the lace. The colour splash makes sure that the dress isn’t too wedding-like. The shoulders on the dress also intrigue me. They are a structured cap sleeve style that bring a very modern feel to the outfit. With yellow nails and red lipstick, she looks stunning, and she was right in choosing a pair of diamond earrings and no other jewellery that would over power the outfit.  

Alesha’s dress is also lovely, however I’m still a bigger fan of Amanda’s. On the television screen it’s hard to figure out whether the mirrored pattern on her black high-low dress is metallic or tie-dye effect. Either way both are trendy right now, but I’d say if I was to decide which I prefer the idea of, it would be the tie-dye style pattern. I do love the shoes though, silver metallic stilettos with a thick strip of the metallic fabric on the ankle, any one fancy buying me a pair? Once again her nails are perfection, continuing the metallic theme and pointed. She’s on the mark with her hair as well, as it would’ve been a bad idea to do anything too extravagant that would take away from the boldness of the dress.  

Nice work ladies!

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige x

(appologies again for the bad quality of the photos- they were taken on my phone!)  

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  1. Hey beautiful! I love you and your blog!! :D I prefer Amanda's dress overall, but Alesha's is just as amazing.. I have to say your BGT posts are really good!!!!!! :)))) Much love xoxoxo