Monday, 8 October 2012

Suited and booted.

Fashion lovers everywhere have been following the progress of the modern skirt for years, noting down which of its ever changing lengths are in this season, and running (as best as one can in a skirt) to buy it. From the mini-skirts of the 60s and the maxis of the 70s right through to the fabulous midis of last season, it’s always been a staple. It appears, however, that this season there’s been a shift. Previously self-acclaimed skirt devotees have had their eyes opened to the wonders of the trouser suit thanks to the likes of Prada, Miu Miu and Ralph Lauren. It was touched upon in Spring/Summer 2012 with the silky pyjama suits that graced the catwalk, but now the trouser suit is back in full force after years on the side lines. It’s a powerful wardrobe update, that’s managed to shake of its office only reputation and step back on to the chic street.


Prada's take on the trouser suit focused on exaggerated prints with seventies style co-ords and over sized embellishments with huge plexiglass gems.

 Miu Miu:
Miu Miu worked with block colour fabrics that had a slight sheen, whilst still bringing in the slight 70s reference through shirts. Overall it had a more masculine, androgynous feel.
Ralph Lauren:


 Ralph Lauren went even further back in time with their almost Victorian style trouser suits. In terms of colours they were muted and had a certain heritage feel about them, which was reinforced by the use of tartan.

Of course the skirt will always have a place on the catwalks, on stylish streets and in our hearts, but for now the sharp tailoring and masculine edge that the trouser suit brings to the fashion world gives it the upper hand. What are your opinions on this trend?
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