Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Harnessed and ready to go.

There’s nothing more satisfying to a fashion enthusiast like myself, than spotting a trend before it’s come in to full force. I think also that the ability to do so comes with experience, as knowing what’s going to be big in fashion is no easy feat. I used to find it really difficult to see how catwalk shows developed in to the trends that we see every season, but since surrounding myself with magazines, designer shows and clothes in general, I’ve found it so much easier.

You may remember that during Paris Fashion Week I did a post on the Hervé Léger show, which I absolutely loved. In the post I mentioned how I thought that harness belts are becoming quite a key piece for the coming seasons. Then today I saw an article dedicated to the leather harness belt on More research lead me to the Glamour Fashion website which even  highlighted those from the Hervé Léger collection in particular. Needless to say that I was pretty proud of myself for spotting this before it appeared online through some of the biggest names in the industry!

Here’s a selection of my personal favourites:
Hervé Léger:
Jason Wu:
Whether you choose to go for glam warrior with a chunky harness like Hervé Léger or something a little more delicate similar to Jason Wu's designs, the harness belt is going to be your edgy accessory through this and next season. It's a surprisingly versatile piece that can be worn with this season's Baroque trend if it's in a luxurious leather and worn with intricately detailed dresses, or as part of the modern goth style when paired with thick velvets and in darker shades.
I for one am I big fan, but what do you all think of the harness belt?
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X

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