Saturday, 2 February 2013

Are you serious?

Ashish described his inspiration for the S/S13 collection as "the archetypal math geek, who is more concerned with quadratic equations than the number of ply in a cashmere" If understanding quadratics is what I need to get my hands on his clothes, then frankly I better start studying because maths certainly isn't my strong point. One thing that is a strong point of mine however is understanding fashion, and I have to say that this collection is one of my personal favourites for Spring/Summer. In principle the clothes shouldn't work. I mean think about it, double denim, sequin socks, lop-sided hair scrunchies, reconstructed oversized shirts and to pull it all together chunky, bright white Reeboks. Is he serious? Well, as the sweater suggests - yes. It somehow works, all the way from the scruffy hair to the blindingly bright trainers. 

The clothes look as though they've been put together by teenagers going through a rebellious stage of cutting up their clothes and wearing their college boyfriend's sweater. Cuts are baggy and have a touch of PE kit about them with jersey fabrics and loose fitting shorts. Ashish also succeeds in contrasting fabrics by mixing denims with sequins in equal amounts to form some rather gorgeous trousers and a jacket. Then there's those asymmetric shoulder dungarees with a number print, which take the math geek aspect up a notch further. Overall, a completely lust worthy collection in my opinion.

What do you think of the collection?

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X


  1. I think it's a bit odd -- especially with the one or two leg differences from sequin to jean -- but in a very weird way it all works & that's why I think I love it! haha ... I especially love the first two pieces! They're stellar! :D

    xo - Britt

  2. Hi i have nominated you for the liebster award here

    1. That's really sweet thank you! I've actually been nominated before but I'll do some sort of post about it soon x