Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Birthday Haul

If you come here often you'll know that last week it was my 16th birthday (post here), and that I went on a mammoth two shopping trips with my friends one day and family another. As is customary for me every year, I went into town, armed with my vouchers and birthday money, and blew it all on beautiful things! A birthday comes but once a year after all. I thought it was about time to show you all what I managed to get my hands on, including both purchases and some rather perfect gifts, so let's dive in.

H&M gold chain

This gold chain from H&M was £7.99 which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration how much I've worn it so far (at least 5 times already)! I've been after one like it for a while now and after failing to find one on eBay for a responsible price I was more than a little happy to find this beauty. It's quite a heavy piece of jewelry which I find quite comforting for some reason. Perhaps because it reassures me that it's good quality. Either way, it looks divine   

Gifted blue jeans

After repeatedly mentioning my admiration of my friend Kelsie's jeans, a pair of light blue high waisted "mom jeans", she thought I'd appreciate her buying me a pair for my 16th. She was right! You might also have seen my post on the Topshop pair like these which again shows just how much I was lusting after them. These are going to become such a wardrobe staple for me; they're so easy to style.

Black geometric H&M dress 

This dress is quite minimal in detail but the cut of it is amazing. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice but the neckline comes down in a sharp V and the overlay mullet skirt is a gorgeous sheer fabric. I wore it out to dinner last week with my black chunky boots, the gold necklace pictured above and the bomber jacket pictured bellow. 

 Sheer H&M bomber

(Pink silk under fabric to demonstrate sheerness) 

With my love of 90s fashion I have to wonder whether a better jacket for me exists? Probably not. As the weather gets warmer this is going to be just perfect, and the sheer fabric means it won't cover up any ensembles that I'm particularly proud of. 

White mesh River Island skirt

White is going to be my colour for spring and this sports luxe style River Island skirt is the perfect example. The mesh side detailing and crispness of it make any outfit seem undeniably stylish.

 Blue clutch bag

My friend Maria bought me this slouchy blue clutch bag with slight gold detailing. It's large enough to work as a day or night bag and the soft leather means it can look either casual or can be dressed up. The colour also works really well with my new jeans.

 Primark Denim cap

Again my obsession with the 90s shows in this stonewashed denim cap from Primark. I've already worked this into several outfits and once the sun decides to make an appearance, hopefully fairly soon, you'll be bound to see an outfit post that includes it.

Silver ear cuff

This is another present from the amazing Kelsie, and as you can see she has a real eye for pieces that I'll fall in love with! This silver ear cuff with pearl and diamond detailing is somewhat futuristic, and I can't wait to style it with a minimalist looking outfit so that it's the center of attention.

Grey Primark Tracksuit top

At first glance I know that this doesn't seem the most stylish of items, but you'll just have to trust me and wait for an outfit post to find out more about this one!

Two strap black Primark heels 


I mentioned my love of simple two strap shoes a while ago in a post, and finally managed to get some. Surprisingly they were from Primark! It's safe to say that these beauties will work with most of my wardrobe due to their simple design and colouring. 

So there you have it, my birthday through clothes. Which of the pieces is your favourite? 

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X


  1. I love the white skirt, intrigued to see how you'll style some of these - fabulously no doubt!

    1. Awh thanks! I'll do an outfit post really soon xx

  2. I love that necklace! I've been after one for a while but couldn't find one. Going to head into H&M tomorrow to see if my local one has it :) xx

    1. Me too! Thanks, it's really lovely I'd certainly recommend it xx

  3. Love that white skirt & primark heels!

  4. I love your gold chain! I've been after one for a while, definitely need to check out h&m :)

    Charlie xx

    1. You should it's really lovely! Thank you xx

  5. How much did your jacket cost and do you know if its still available ? its lovely :)

    1. I think it was maybe £20, something like that! Sorry I'm not sure of it is still available or not but it probably is :)