Wednesday, 12 June 2013

June Haul

Study leave: A time for studying. And shopping. 

For the last few weeks I've been in a whirl of revision and exams (18 so far if you were wondering). However, as my schedule begins to cool down and I have just 2 exams left, I've had the opportunity to take my revision down a gear and relax a little more. With almost a week before I have to go back into the exam hall, my Nan and I headed into town and went on an unexpected shopping spree! Of course, I have to show you all of the absolute beauties I picked up.

Midi ring:

£4 Topshop 

I'm not usually a big ring wearer, but this had to be an exception. It sits just clear of my knuckle and is a dainty gold band with a heart. In the middle is the letter "B", signifying my initial obviously. I just think  it's one of those lovely pieces that I could wear every day and to be honest I'm quite likely to do so!

Cat print ankle socks: 

£3.50 Topshop

Cue collective "awh". Who knew that you could buy something so cute to go on your feet? These printed ankle socks are basically cat themed foot candy! I don't really know what to say, I just fell in love.

3 for £8 cute socks: 

£8 in total Topshop

I think I may have found a new weakness - cute socks. The wonderful Topshop were able to cure my craving though with these delicious ankle socks for £8 altogether. They're bound to be worn with a range of shoes this summer and they're a lot more exciting than my usual plain whites! I got two pairs with lace detail, one in blue and one in white, and a pair of cut out lilac ones with a hint of glitter.  

Clear clutch with pink detailing: 

£3 (sale) H&M

Ever since writing this post a few months ago, my love for anything clear has grown even more. I love the fact that this zip clutch bag has hints of neon pink and a little pouch to match which I can keep my phone and money in. In honesty, I think this may be a large makeup bag, but let's pretend that's not the case!

Neon yellow and white jewel earnings: 

£3.95 H&M 

Neon yellow and white in one pair of earrings. Two of my favourite summer colours in one pair of earrings. Just add the oversized jewels and these were a dream come true. I had to buy. 

Coral Lipstick:

£3 H&M 

I kind of just bought this lipstick because I wasn't sure whether the colour would suit me and I wanted to test it without buying something too pricey. It turns out that the bright coral does work well on my skin. The plan was to go and buy something of a better quality in this occasion, but surprisingly it was really great! It's not as long lasting as I would like, but the lipstick has a beautiful sheen and overall finish. I decided to stick with this in the end! 

Black liner:

£3 H&M

Not such an interesting product here. It's a simple case of me loosing my eye liner a few weeks ago and being desperate for a new one! I've used this before and know that the quality is fairly good. You can't argue with such a fantastic price either.

75 Jersey:

Unknown (tiny) shop £5

I have been lusting after this top for a good few months now and if you're a regular reader you may have seen it featured in a few posts. When I found a similar one for a quarter of the price in a little shop, as you can imagine, I was beyond happy. It's a mesh material in black and white and is a really nice baggy fit. With a denim skit, jeans or shorts it would look fantastic. You will be seeing more of this, I promise!

Mesh sport luxe sandals:

Topshop £35 

Again, a colour combination to die for! These shoes are almost a mix between sandals and trainers... I'm not quite sure what they are, I know that I love them though. They're unbelievably comfortable and I can see them molding perfectly in to my warm weather wardrobe. With my River Island white pencil skirt and a simple cami top. Easy peasy. 

Orange, blue and grey trainers:

Topshop £35

Yes, you're seeing things correctly. I did successfully go shopping without returning with a pair of shockingly high heels. In fact, both shoe choices are quite the opposite. I've had a thing for trainers recently and the irresistible mix of clashing colours on this pair was too tempting. The bright panels and soles are toned down slightly with the grey background which means that they will be surprisingly versatile. Comfort and style? I can't complain. 

I think the trainers may be my favourite purchase of the day, but what's yours? 

Thanks for reading, 
Bethany Paige X


  1. So many great things! I want a little ring like yours now, I think I need a shopping spree!
    Cat xx

    1. Thanks Catherine! I haven't taken the ring off since I bought it! xx

  2. I have the same frilly socks in various colours, they look so cute with ankle boots and trainers ^-^

    Good luck with the rest of your exams, mine finish tomorrow thankfully!
    -Emily xx

    1. I can't wait to wear them all the time! Hope your exam went well! xx

  3. Omg the trainers are just amazing! jealous x

  4. Wow! The earrings and the makeups are stunning!! I really wonder what they'll look like on you:)
    By the way, if you have time at all, just help yourselves seeing my blog: it's also about fashion ^^

  5. Those sandals are super-cute!
    I love your blog, new follower :)