Friday, 28 June 2013

Prom: The night of nights

I've been looking forward to my prom night since at least 5 years ago. I suppose it was growing up with the romanticised depictions of American proms flashed over the Disney Chanel that caused it! Something about the whole event just seemed magical. For the past few months the excitement has been ever growing, all leading up to the long awaited night which happened to fall yesterday.

I thought it was only right to share my  prom wear with you along with pictures of some of my absolutely gorgeous friends in their absolutely gorgeous dresses!

My dress was a champagne lace with black floral embroidery. It had a short underlay and was ever so slightly higher at the front than the back which made it perfect for showcasing my cutout black pumps. The whole outfit had a laid back vintage feel, which I love and so continued with a messy fishtail plait. 

kelsie and myself

Rebecca, Maria, Kelsie and myself (right to left)

Rebecca, Maria, Kelsie and myself (right to left) and the rather snazzy car

Shana, Myself and Kelsie (right to left) at the venue

I couldn't have asked for a better or more stylish prom night with all my favourite people.

Bethany Paige x


  1. You and your friends all look so pretty, I really love your dress! ^-^ x

  2. Ahh you's look breathtaking now I'm excited for my prom :) x

    1. That is so so lovely! Thank you Precious! I hope you have a fantastic night x

  3. Beth you silly all of those pics are 'left to right' not 'right to left' (':