Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Ball girl

I've never ever owned anything from American Apparel which is basically a sin in the world of blogging. It's not because I don't absolutely adore the majority of the shop, but mainly because their price tags are a little higher than I can justify! Unfortunately for me though, I seem to have fallen head over heels for that white tennis skirt that all of my favourite instagrammers have got their hands on over the past couple of months. You know the one. This isn't just lust, this is bordering on obsession. But £31 right in between my last pay day and the next on such a small piece of fabric is kind of unreasonable, I must admit. 

Whilst pondering whether I should take the tennis plunge (or possibly buy cheaper versions I've tracked down online), it seemed only right to created some dreamy outfits styled around the item in question. I'm thinking lots of white, chunky shoes and leather backpacks. 

Floor length kimono - £18 Boohoo, Crop top - £8 Topshop, Zuri shoe - £35 LaModa UK, Grafea Bag - £120 ASOS

Socks - £10 for three pairs Topshop, Vest - £14 Topshop, Nike Air Max 90 - £90, OPI polish in "Alpine Snow" - £11.95 Liberty London, Head bag - £45 ASOS

Top - £14 Topshop, Grafea bag - £120 ASOS, Lipstick in Babette - $18 Lime Crime, Nail polish in "Pink Glove Service" - Essie $8.50,  Shoes - £35 La Moda UK

I'm pretty sure this has only worsened my desire...
Bethany Paige X


  1. Ohhh Bethany. These outfits are incredible. You've just transferred that 'a-blogger-made-me-buy-it' desire for an AA tennis skirt over to me. Cheeers ;) xx


    1. Damn I seem to have a nasty habit of doing that to you Hannah! hahah well I'm glad you love the looks at least ;) xx