Tuesday, 1 July 2014

OOTD: An Ode to Grey

I really don’t think the fashion world pays enough homage to the wondrous colour that is grey. Whilst everybody and their dog seems to be obsessed with the idea of all black everything (just take a wander through the world of Twitter – “omg all I ever wear is black lol”) nobody truly appreciates its younger sibling. It doesn't make sense to me. Grey is equally as versatile as black. It can be formal or casual, paired with any colour, and beautifully minimal or gloriously opulent dependant on its styling. And contrary to common assumption, grey can be ceaselessly modern and isn’t just for the suit wearing, London working types. Yet, I’m sure you’ve never heard the phrase “little grey dress”.

I for one adore grey in all its unappreciated beauty though. I would marry grey. If I was going to get a tattoo I’d get an arrow heart with “grey” on the inside. Grey and I are very very happy together. It’s entirely likely that it actually features more in my every day wardrobe than black does, and since buying a slouchy co-ord in a light variation of the colour I can only see its repeated use growing.

Skirt - £5 Primark // Sweater - £5 Primark // 
Backpack - £20 Newlook // Sandals - £24 La Moda
I actually bought this sweater and skirt combination on two separate occasions about 6 months apart, although since they’re both Primark I assume the fabric used is the exact same in both. It certainly looks it. The greyness of the outfit oozes the kind of minimal modernity that I will be striving for this summer as I mentioned in my last post. Paired with the equally simple La Moda sandals that I have been wearing to death recently and my slick white backpack, my ode to grey is complete.

Have a wonderful week,
Bethany Paige X

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