Thursday, 10 July 2014

OOTD: Pin point

I've always associated pinstripes with ill fitting skirt suits sanctioned to office or teaching jobs. In my mind they decorate skirts that awkwardly sit on the shin and blazers with shoulder pads in a stiff enough fabric to ensure a square frame. I've also been taught that navy and black should never be put together. But if there's one OOTD that celebrates going against my previous fashion beliefs, it's this one.

Pinstripes become a lot more interesting (and a lot less morning commuter-ish) when they're on a mini skirt, paired with chunky sandals and a sheer bomber jacket, don't they? The colour combination also makes me wonder why whoever told me the "navy and black rule" thought mixing the two shades was such a cardinal style sin. If anything, they work together on a similar level to wearing all black everything without being quite so samey! Such simple shades also compliment the minimal nature of the accessories, forming what I think is a deliciously modern look. 

 Skirt - Primark // Top - Primark // 
Sandals - La Moda UK //
 Jacket - H&M // Bag - thrifted

I certainly love it, but my head of sixth form may not have been equally as chuffed with my skirt!
Bethany Paige X

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