Sunday, 30 September 2012

Get the London look.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I went up to London yesterday to see the V&A ball gown exhibition. I love London, not only because it houses some of the most historical and amazing monuments, is constantly buzzing with activity and is one of the shopping capitals of the world; but I love it mainly because it gives me the opportunity to wear whatever I want. Trust me, in London, anything goes. For example yesterday I saw a girl carrying a powder pink watering can bag, I tell no word of a lie! I took the opportunity to let my creativity flow and put together one of my favourite outfits ever. Plus it gave me the chance to wear two new items that I bought on Friday which I’m beyond in love with, especially the coat I got. I thought I’d show you the outfit because I really like it, and want to know what you all think.

It was just perfect for my day out, and I think it looked awesome too (not to blow my own trumpet). The outfit had a sort of London punk feel about it which is kind of relevant really! I took a spare pair of flats with me too just in case the heels got a bit too painful jumping on and off the tube.
The shoes:
Chelsea boots, again seems relevant considering I did take a walk through Chelsea! Anyway, I bought these about a month ago and they're probably my favourite shoes of the moment. They're a really nice velvet material and look great with pretty much anything. (Chockers)
The dress:

This was one of my Friday thrift sesh purchases, and at £2 I can safely say that it was an absolute bargain! The pictures don't do it justice but the close up picture does show the colours a little better. It's a basic midi dress but it's the tartan fabric that made me love it so much. It's also quite baggy and I'm loving the oversized trend right now so that made it even more perfect.
The belt:
I wore this cute metallic braided gold belt around the dress just to cinch it in at the waist a little and add a bit of glitz.
The bag:
I bought this bag in the summer holidays and it's so great! It holds loads of stuff which is great for day trips and is waterproof (kind of a requirement in England). It's just a basic black leather one strap back pack.
The necklace:

My beautiful friend Kelsie bought me this necklace from Dorothy Perkins. It's perfect against the tartan to give that grungy London edge and ties in nicely with the gold in the belt and the black of the boots - a happy coincidence.
The coat:
Probably my favourite part of this whole outfit is this over sized blazer coat. I've literally been after one since I saw a similar design in topshop ages ago, and on Friday I finally got my hands on one! And the best part? It was £6! About £44 cheaper than the high street equivalent. It's got a lovely loosely tailored feel about it which it retains even though it's over sized. It comes about mid way down my thigh and is so toasty warm. I can tell this is going my favourite coat this season and through Winter.
I belong in London!
Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. OMG....What bargain :)
    I love this outfit.
    where did you get the dress from?

    1. Thanks! I got it from a charity shop too :) xx

  2. love the necklace! Really nice blog- currently following! Please check out ours and hopefully follow back! :-)