Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Oversized is on the rise.

Bigger is definitely better this autumn. Think soft dropped shoulders with pillow sleeves, cocoon coats, and softly tailored skirts and trousers. With the designer likes of Belenciaga, Max Mara and Gucci, not forgetting my personal favourite Topshop Unique, showing us how it’s done, it’s hard to resist not joining in.



Max Mara:


Topshop unique:

 I’m so in love with this trend, isn’t it just the epitome of chic? I certainly think so. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to show you some of the high street beauties that I’ve seen around too.

Thanks for reading guys,
Bethany Paige X


  1. I love the blue high waisted trousers! The oversized look is so easy to like, it's comfortable and stylish without having to be tight fitting ! Great post

  2. Yes! The oversized is sooo in trend! :D I love, love, LOVE oversized sweaters! :) (I mean if I could -- I would wear oversized sweaters all the time, however, the state in which I live in does not call for that ... at all :/ unfortunately! So I have a stack in my closet still waiting to see the light of day!) ;P haha

    & Thanks for commenting on my blog post!!! & It's my favorite inspirational post I've made! It just came to me that night & I was like "I really like leather, glitter, & fro yo together!" haha (especially since on Instagram almost all the fashion people I follow they always have at least one fro yo picture!) ;P

    xo - Brittany

    1. Me too! Luckily for me it's cold and/or raining in England the majority of the time (if you can call that lucky haha) so i can wear coats an jumpers quite often. Thanks for the comment :) and yeah your post was great, I love fro yo! x