Thursday, 20 March 2014

An open letter to Tesco

Dearest Tesco, 

I have loved you for a long time due to your food supplying credentials, so please do not be offended by what I'm about to say. I never really anticipated your clothing department being, well, nice. I thought it was fine. But fine is far from high fashion. Yet, here I am, more than willing to admit, I was wrong.  

 A couple of weeks ago I was merrily minding my own business looking for the pasta isle, planning on picking up the latest copy of InStyle afterwards, when my eyes fell upon pink faux mohair. Not just pink faux mohair - which any fashion blogger knows is enough to get the heart racing - but pink faux mohair in the form of an oversized boyfriend coat. There it was, hanging on a rail. But not just any rail (this is starting to sound a bit like an M&S advert - apologies). The sale rail. 

At this point, the sound of One Direction playing in the television isle was drowned out by angel song. I had been looking for a coat like this, no, this exact coat, for months. Obviously, I already knew I was going to buy it so realising that it had been reduced down from £65 to £19 was literally the highlight of my week because as we know, every little helps (wink).  

 Now, a week or so on, I write this letter to thank you, NAY, to congratulate you on your shifting from archetypal supermarket to fashion provider to the masses. I also apologies for my rash labelling of your store. May you continue to provide me with not only magazines and full roast chickens that make my car smell delightful, but with beautiful clothing too.  

 Bethany Paige
(Fashion blogger, Tesco enthusiast, mohair lover) 


  1. You have to send this to them it's fantastic!

  2. Oh my god you got an absolute bargain!!!!! Very jealous. enjoy xxx

  3. What a total bargain! Bethany this is actually a great letter hahaha please tweet this to them xxx