Friday, 7 March 2014

Belated birthday treats

When I say that these birthday treats are "belated", I don't quite mean that they were given to me late. In fact, they were given to me way back in February on my actual birthday. It's really me that's belated in showing them to you all. Logically, I would have posted this up last month, but things got in the way (mainly my forgetful nature), so I decided to finally seize today as my opportunity. Let's just pretend it is my 17th birthday all over again.

I cannot deny that I have been an extremely lucky girl this year. In fact, I've been absolutely spoilt rotten. It seemed only right to show you some of the pretty things that were given to me - and they really are pretty - that prove just how well my friends know me.

Let's take a moment. Pale pink faux leather lita style boots, with clear perspex panels and gold eyelets. As I said, my friends know me shockingly well, right? These boots are literally my idea of perfection and could not fit more beautifully in my shoe collection! Right now I can't wait to rock these in summer with my white pencil skirt and some pretty lace. 

I kind of have a thing for oversized clutch bags at the moment. Pair that with my obsession with the colour grey and you can see just why I love this snakeskin bag so much. It is beyond roomy which makes a change from the usual phone-and-card clutches for nights out. Yet again, another good choice on the part of Maria and Kels.

Tigers on socks. Tigers on socks! In other words, the absolute epitome of cool. Alongside my lilac crochet socks and various school girl style lace trimmed ones, these beauties have a somewhat more urban feel. Who knew that was possible in the world of hosiery? I certainly can't wait to wear them.

Happy (late) birthday to me!
Bethany Paige X


    They're sooo cooool.
    I bet they actually look pretty cool togethre!

    Kelly from |Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. Thank you Kelly! I am so in love with both!! But yeah definitely going to be trying them out together soon! x

  2. I loveeee those boots, and the socks are so unique! You have some lovely pieces xxxx

    1. Thank yo Jessica! I'm pretty chuffed! xxxx

  3. Oh my gosh those boots are amazing!! Love them :) xx