Monday, 3 March 2014

The 4:01 Show appearance

I love it when my blog opens up opportunities for me. It makes me feel as though all of the hard work that I put in does get recognised and that the messages I feel strongly about and try to present through Paige of Fashion get heard. So, as you can imagine, when contacted by the wonderful people at The 4:01 Show to be involved with an episode they were filming about body image (we all know how strongly I feel about that topic) I was more than a little excited. It was a "dancing around my room at 6am when I picked up the email" kind of moment!

The 4:01 Show is an online series aimed at young people, like myself, which focuses on the problems that we face. After writing my post a few months ago about "the bikini bridge" (here), I was contacted and asked to get involved due to the huge opinions I have on the matter of self esteem and the pressure on teens in terms of body image. For this particular episode which I was lucky enough to be involved with, TOWIE star meets designers Lydia Bright acted as a special guest - she was absolutely lovely by the way - and I had an amazing chat with her, Jimmie and Marcel about the issue. Honestly, I could not have had a better day. Everybody over at The 4:01 Show studio was amazing and it was great to meet people that shared some of my opinions on the topic of body image. Plus, it gave me a day of feeling famous!

If you want to check out Is there such thing as the perfect body? Plus other 4:01 Show episodes, here it is:

Enjoy hearing my voice for the first time (how weird)!

Thank you to The 4:01 Show for such an amazing and enjoyable experience! To all of those of you who watched, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe took something away from it too.

Keep smiling,
Bethany Paige X


  1. Such a great opportunity Bethany, congratulations! You spoke the truth :) Oh and of course, good outfit! xxx