Sunday, 30 March 2014

If I wasn't on a spending ban...

As fashion bloggers, we kind of thrive on torturing ourselves. We are that odd breed of female who put themselves on a spending ban and then instantly log into Topshop accounts to browse all of the things that we can't buy. In a twisted way, we must enjoy the pain.

Yes, I'm on a spending ban. A mixture of travel and clothing splurges this month means that next month I will be quitting spending cold turkey (please ignore my silent tears)! Hopefully that way my bank balance will no longer cause me extreme heart palpitations every single time I lay eyes on it. Obviously though that does not mean I won't be creating several "if I wasn't on a spending ban I would buy" wishlists. Just so I know what I am unable to buy. And if there's one thing that such a wishlist is good for (minus making me tearful), it's a blog post.

Black and gold boots - Pretty Little Thing £35, Pink sandals - Topshop £52, 
Faux leather midi - Pretty Little Thing £18, Black peplum crop top - Topshop £18, 
White textured high waisted shorts and crop top - Topshop £20

Then again, £20 isn't that bad...Right?
Bethany Paige X

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  1. Ugh I am in love! I love the high waisted shorts and crop top, wish I had the figure but know it looks so cute xxx