Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mid-month midi rings

I made it approximately half a month. Half a month without breaking my spending ban. Then came Primark, just as it does every time, tricking me into spending thanks to its insanely low prices and my lack of will power! As I mentioned in this post, I bagged myself a snazzy new swimming costume as well as a fair few midi rings. Honestly, I have no regrets.

I've been a fan of midi rings since my first Topshop one which was a cute heart with the letter B inside - may it rest in peace after I dropped it down a drain. The thing is, I lose them so quickly. I think it's because I have such tiny hands which causes more problems than you would anticipate, this probably being the most heart breaking. It means that I've never invested in rings that are too expensive after the sad departure of the Topshop one.

Enter, Primark.

Nail varnish: Natural Collection in Cosmic Crush with 
Rimmel London Pro Matte Finish topcoat

I bought two packs and unfortunately I muddled them up before taking these pictures so I have no idea whether the four on each hand came together or not! Either way, each pack was £1.50 so I didn't think it was too cheeky to buy both. Obviously, I got them in gold because I don't tend to wear silver jewellery and some of them also have "diamonds" on them. I absolutely adore the three bar one and the simple heart one, even though I'll probably wear them all to death or until I inevitably lose them.

So, I broke my spending ban, but at least my fingers don't feel naked anymore!

Bethany Paige X


  1. Oh wow they are so cheap considering they look so nice, I want some now!!! thanks for sharing xxxx

    1. Aren't they just?! I could resist! Thanks Jessica xxxx

  2. Wowow lovely! I am forever losing midi rings to the equivalent that I've now overall thrown about £20 down the drain (literally!) so Primark might just be my best bet if I really feel the itch for them again! xx

    1. They're so pretty, right?! They're absolutely fabulous if you are cursed like me haha! X

  3. I'll have to go and check these out, so pretty!