Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and some thanks

Statistics lie. It's sad but true that regardless of page views you can never really be sure whether the people visiting your latest haul or wishlist post actually enjoyed reading it. Of course, we have comments, but let's be honest we can't always be bothered to comment on every blog we loved reading because we are internet loving, lazy creatures and sometimes those "prove you're not a robot" codes are just too much! Maybe that's what makes getting comments and appreciation in any form for a new post so extremely lovely. So, when someone goes out of their way to not just comment but to nominate me for a blog award of some kind, I can't help but feel unbelievably happy. Not that I need constant validation or anything, but somebody reads and enjoys my blog! That's always nice to know, right?

Recently, I've been nominated for a few awards and I am extremely grateful to the beautiful bloggers behind that. Thanks to the Annabel at Teenage Fanatic  and Emily from Em's Neverland I was nominated for the Liebster award twice! I've been planning on doing some sort of post about this for a long time because these nominations were a while ago, but since I've already received a couple of Liebster Awards I didn't think I would do a full-on post this time around. I figure that now is the perfect opportunity to say a huge thank you to both of these ladies and to suggest that you all go and check their blogs out right now because they're both wonderful!

On another -still award related - note, a few days ago I got a nomination for a blog award that I hadn't yet received and honestly, hadn't really heard of! It follows the same sort of principle as most and I have the amazing Sophia from So-Phia to thank for nominating me for (and introducing me to) the Inspirational Blogger Award. Again, you should all go and follow her this instant!

Here are the rules for the award:

Seven facts about me: 

1) I have literally just realised how boring my life is as I am struggling to come up with 7 even vaguely interesting facts about myself... 
2) My bedroom is currently plastered in post-it notes (pink ones!) with various dates relating to the unification of Italy - I'm studying history as one of my AS Levels and I have exactly 3 weeks until my first exam today. Please do excuse my excessive sobbing. 
3) I own six pairs of black boots and the majority are far too tall to wear on a day-to-day basis. So sue me. 
4) I live in a converted monastery. No, I'm not joking.  
5) I have a huge obsession with coconut water that all began back in 2012 at The Clothes Show Live when they gave out free samples. So, for those that think love is not instantaneous - You're wrong. 
6) I just won "best 4:01sie comment" for my appearance on The 4:01 Show and you can check that out here.
7) I kind of love flowers, can you tell?

And my nominations are (cue drum roll):

Hannah from Daisies and DMs who will be an eternal favourite of mine and is just a wonderful lady. 

Jessica from JessicaWabbit who has OOTD posts that make me drool - the girl has serious style. 

Nicole from Sleek-Chic whom I have serious hair envy towards and who can pull off jelly shoes like no other. 

Zainab from The Seas of Fashion who literally has one of the prettiest blog designs I have ever seen. Ever. 

And last but not least That Cardiff Girl who successfully has ceaselessly entertaining lifestyle/musings posts, when usually all I read is fashion blogs! She is fabulous. 

There's probably another twenty people I could nominate because I love so many of your blogs,  but these are just the ladies that stuck out for this award in particular. So for those that I did nominate, feel free to continue the blogger love by taking the Very Inspiring Blogger Award over to your corner of the internet.

I hope you are all having a lovely week,
Bethany Paige X

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  1. Aww, thank you Bethany! Good luck with your next exam! I'm the same with impractically-tall shoes. yet there I am, consistently stalking Public Desire and SpyLoveBuy's cleated sole sections... xxx